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Ming rescued from the pond. Take a look at his crimson brocade gown groom because I just leaned his arms, and a layer of water-soaked infected, awkward hands wrapped behind.
he did not mind, Manghuan outside Yunzhu, moving house to be Yunzhu carefully, pray for and deeply looked at me before leaving.
Yunzhu go to the front closet stacked neatly removed a light cyan hundred Junqing. I looked at her move to ask: “Why?”
“Come on girl clothes replaced.” She deflected the question, the tone calm waves, I quickly asked: “? tell me, which is why” just pray for a sudden, I guess given her everything tonight arrangements.
“distressed, distressed girl.” very simple words, but how many hidden himself, bitterness,cheap ugg boors, and concessions. So she had to notify pray for the moon floor, and then pretending to my disappointment, to force me to pray for the heart in front of the words out. All this, because she distressed me feel bad to even her great injustice suffered by Shen are ignoring it?
“I really did not overestimate the master of your mind, that he was really concerned about your.” Her bright eyes Qiao to me, pure Ruoxue I Fu Ya 何其荣 fortunate, to have her company around.
“So mind you pray for it? ‘I can not accept such a selfless way she treated me. She is also a seventeen-year-old girl, and she, like me, grew up on the family broke up, I was able to get so many people feel bad, then her? Why she could not love their back?
Yunzhu just now caught stealing candy kids, overwhelmed looked at me for a long while, and finally sad Dan Xiao, “just in this life to be with the girl and masters around, and not much else.”
Yiyewumian, only the smell of high dew cold wind outside the building, inside cover frequency candle shadow.
ninth chapter summary report locked ban
Pik days, yellow leaves, subtle fragrance soul.
Autumn with Bo, Xiao? E sunset in.
I rely on light stone benches outside the building corridor, looking summary report leaves. Heard three princes were brought in after the wedding wife returned to the palace, and some days I can not be seen pray for it. He is now what I do? Is not it toppled in how to plan the Prince, but also to find a new one, or of value in people?
These days, the emperor to visit the moon floor several times, my performance was somewhat lukewarm. Even the 3rd, he was promoted to my husband to bring everybody’s business, I boldly rejected the emperor’s good intentions, so he walked away. But I know, not my words, “do not want” will be able to dispel the idea of ​​the emperor, after all he is the emperor, what he wanted,uggs outlet, did not get.
I sit in here for a whole afternoon, sunset red maple summary report, like Shuitianyise, vague and light injuries. Twilight scared robins, flowers deep Xieying Qiu,cheap uggs, Yunzhu stand silently in my side, looking east sections vast flying geese in a row, no trace.
small youngest son rushed to me at this time, anxiously said: “girl, came the emperor sent a message, call you to go, go ……” he muttered, pained, I am strangely busy and asked: ” The emperor pass me go? “
“Cheng Constitution Hall.” Yunzhu these three words not only scared, but also scared me. Originally lazy rely on stone benches shocked startled me, can not help but repeat it again, “Cheng Constitution Hall” words.
“small unitary child may have misheard you, but the order of the day Baiguan Zaozhao Constitution Hall of the Department, the emperor summoned the girl How far?” Yunzhu asked solemn face.
“I just asked the father is so, but he did say that the emperor’s mouth encyclical says so.” small youngest son is a look of puzzled.
always except the queen, Queen Dianwai qualify into the Order of the constitution, but the woman if the trespass felony. The emperor never confused to such a degree. Intuition tells me that the emperor summoned me to this set is a very important matter, a bad feeling in my heart instantly.
messenger of my father taken Cheng Xian Dianwai, then slowly retire, it seems that the emperor had commanded anyone not close to here, surrounded by one I did not notice any.
I entered the cold hall, a chill from the soles of the feet encroaching heart. That is reflected in early eye glittering, gold inlay diamond, attracted countless heroes bow to make the Throne, the somber hall still glowing bright blinding brilliance. Each inward step forward, there will swing back and forth light echo, even though I tried to restrain their footsteps.
empty large hall only one person, the emperor it? Heart filled with a sense of loss flawless, the emperor was surprised to find out from the right side of the dark side hall. He was a burst of light enveloped tightly miserable dark, I could not see his face. Until he steps to the Throne to sit down, I look at his eyes slightly tired and cold, both vicissitudes and contradictions.
“I see the emperor!” Maybe not sure, suddenly knelt down, knees were knocking Lee rang out loudly. I Weicu crescent, hold back the pain, bowed down to him, but he neither long call me up. I looked up without saying anything of the emperor, but to find a variety of emotions in his eyes, like meditation, like hesitation, like the make the important decisions. I was very upset to see his eyes, sheepishly turn heads bowed down, waiting for him utterance.
my knees have started to be numb when he took out a memo by a wide cuffs memorials, his face suddenly became very angry, “Zhen Yao to you to decide, how do I dispose of the matter.” His voice was off, memorials He had been thrown from the top to my feet.
I will pick it up trembling, his face became pale as memorials signed “Nalan pray for you”, anxious to open, there is only one row vigorous and effective word, and I do so unforgettable, life did not forget.
- PAN Yu Er Chen also loved the Heart
hands, shaking even more powerful, I just feel a hot eyes. Tears, sprinkling drops of white paper memo Xi, can not believe it. He really for me to give up?
“Cheng Wang Han emperor …… he ……” I muttered sake he explained, would like to ask the emperor forgive him, but I do not even have a complete words can not say.
“You do not know, five years ago, I promised him one thing.” He suddenly turned to the topic, slight sigh, “I promised him that as long as he has the ability to Prince toppled, while blocking the word of faint, The throne is his. “
my body hesitated, suddenly silent, staring at the face of the emperor lonely, throat could not have named any sound emitted.
“By now, I also wish to tell you that I mind can inherit the throne only pray for a person. startle the world of wisdom, Tao Xiong Wei slightly, ruthless if he is emperor, will be able to realize one’s ambition, the Qi Kokuryo to unprecedented prosperity. “His words fell powerful shake my heart, the whole big hall is his sonorous echo. The tone is very emotional, he has seen how fortunate to have such a proud son.
“Prince, though not bad, but he is a puppet of the Queen brought out if wield major political future Queen exclusionary fear that they will be another Wu Zetian, so be sure to scrap Prince, I never let harem dominance, Zhen Yao told She, after all, it is the emperor of the world, so I chose a place in the decade before the Han Zhaoyi palace also has ambitions to contain her power. entire decade, Tiger Hills view I fight, and pray for the secret to train an army. Queens is how have guessed that her son would betray her. “
emperor looked at have been completely unable to speak for me, and brought back a touch of evil smile, said: “Fu Ya Princess, I also plan to have you!”
After hearing his words can guess, I not only in his plan, but plays a particularly important role.
“I have long thought that to really deposed Prince, the Queen’s forces uprooted, must have root fuse my Ms. Zeng Jiangyuan portrait showed pray for watching, I want him to go with her to find an exceptionally Similar women until that day, I saw you at the Orient House, will understand that you are to pray for me and got the pieces, but he did not tell me! until I asked him to come clean before putting your identity, I guess he moved to your situation, in order to let him plan the impact of our program for years, and I can not wait to be called the lady you are! “
me a wry smile, already know wonder why pray for Mrs. Yuan looks. Guess over countless types of reasons, but did not expect all of this is the angel who imperial emperor.
“Unfortunately, he was not escape a ‘love’ word, and finally to abandon I should I one such powerful forces in the face of the Queen.” His eyes flashed grief, sad.
listening to every word the emperor, I discovered that my stupid funny, I thought that the feelings of his wife Yuan emperor how clean is innocent, no one thought that he will eventually have to use the name of his wife Yuan to consolidate imperial power. This is a tragedy as emperors do? And the world economy must abandon the initial deepest feelings.
- love, life only once, to Yuan Xue alone instrument.
This sentence has surfaced in my mind, love, the end is not as power is more important, right?
“I pray for it to understand, he is an ambitious man, if he really give up this opportunity, in the future he will regret that he would rather die.” emperor from the Throne got up, walked over to me, overlooking the still kneeling with me, to say something, but was forestalled me: “Du Wan, also you would have wanted to draw Du Chengxiang and to pray for election Princess now!”
emperor look at my eyes exposed appreciation, then laugh, laugh especially frivolous: “When the Prince of the kings Queen brought Princess to choose, I guess her intention, Soviet generals want to win the backing of the military to me of her. no one thought to draw the Soviet Union generals, gave up the younger brother Du Chengxiang. Soon after, I’ll prove it to her, she decided how stupid! “
I do not consciously sneer aloud, perhaps this is a move in front of the emperor, how disrespectful, but I have not care so much. I looked at his face coldly proud of the emperor, “I told the emperor that, I came to this church Why?”
“You’re a smart woman, do not I teach you, right?” He do not have meaning, then they return my sneer, it turned out that the emperor is not that simple. He will everyone playing in the palm, and she deserves to be the national leader in QI was so powerful emperor.
mind certain, slowly Roshow Mouguang lock emperor, proud look askance at him, and this time I absolutely can not lose him in the momentum, even though he was the emperor is the emperor, “Fu Ya do not understand, please express emperor . “
He Jian Mei a pick, Lee Mount pupil swept through, cool color locked me a moment, “I give you a two-way, now back to the moon floor when doing did not occur, I wait for the canonization will, help I remove the Orient House forces. “yin voice actually hidden charm overflowing tenderness, then turn another front, cold Yin said,” Should not comply, you will disappear. “
my irrepressible, laughed aloud, mind hundreds of fleeting thoughts, “I question the emperor, what disappears?”
fine squint his eyes sharp, his face suddenly somewhat gloomy, “So Fu Ya Princess certainly have to choose the second way? Zionist you really do it?” he Lianqi face smile, actually one knee in front of me , with my head. I do not understand where the meaning, but the smell he spoke, “As long as you nodded, tomorrow I will send troops to crusade against Xia.”
smile on his lips diffusion of larger, very attractive conditions. Citylink promised four years, pray for the promised eight years, the emperor phrase “tomorrow” under extraordinarily small, simply can not be compared, but ……
“emperor’s intentions, Fu Ya no thanks!”
“You do not want to?” His tone instantly condensation, intended to kill everywhere.
“is not willing to pray for.” My voice becomes Dayton hypervariable tough, got up without his permission, legs long long time due to kneel and numb. But it’s my turn overlooking one knee, he is now, he does not seem to expect me to suddenly get up, I actually palpitation was looking up for a moment. I chuckle in mind, then said: “pray for to tell me that all plans to stop.”
After I finished, he realized now own kneeling in front of me, a moment is not natural, but quickly adjusted, elegant sky, “Well, you’re gone now.”
shi end, I return to the moon floor, Yunzhu see me go but end security is relieved. I’m not into the house and she stood in the courtyard, the wind far and near, Sparse whisk Lanna, drop fragrant full House.
“Girl, what you are called to do the emperor?” Yunzhu asked me nervously, vaguely aware of something.
hands hidden in the sleeve of a tight, forced upon her by the order of the memorials in the hands of the house brought back the constitution, does not answer rhetorical question: “? Should pray 佑登 on the throne, it would be a wise ruler through the ages.”
“eternal Mingjun Pearl Shangqie not sure, but he will be a RARE Lord.” She said she was forced to nod pray for affirmation and recognition.
“Well, should I help him ……” I’m eyeing the dark gloomy sky, then party when it comes to half Yunzhu interrupted me.
“master he will never use your ascend the throne of.” is one certainty, in the hands of the memorial and with a little force, but found Yunzhu been kneeling in front of me, “master lonely two decades , you can finally have to let him accompany him around the centering, you must not leave masters ah! “She seemed to realize what actually begging tone begged with me.
sigh loudly, she was propped up, “Silly Pearl, how could I leave him?” Languo her waist and whispered soothing, “his next Zaozhao tomorrow, for I have sent a message, I will wait for him in the old place . “
Yunzhu listening, square Panasonic breath, nodded cheerfully, “the girl assured, some of the words to the Pearl.”
day did not dawn on me the moon slipped out from floor to our “old place” – not Schoenbrunn away. Due to pray for no longer live here, here’s maid and guards rarely. I mysteriously slipped into sleep pray for the house, waited for him for a long time have not seen him, looking Ruanta goes, actually sprouted drowsiness. Did not sleep well last night is scheduled today and get up early in the relationship. Mind a move, took off his shoes and socks went bedding drilled, anyway, he should not come back so early, I can safely sleep for an hour, and then wait for him to wake up too late.
will face is buried in a soft silk, sniffing elegant fragrance is imperative Youte some taste. He met with nearly two years, although the time is not very long to get along, usually headlong rush to go, but his body was always kind of unique taste make my mind.
Close your eyes, think and pray for the first time we met, his eyes moist, inspiring voice, gently hold the injured on horseback …… my thoughts gradually being blown away, I could not resist the temptation to sleep, Fall in love with the more greedily at this moment of tranquility.
confused between sleepy, seems only “bug” is to swing to swim on my face, I reluctantly hand scratched his face, and would like to get rid of it. It actually did not think more presumptuous, moaning loudly, turning lie down, continue to sleep.
insects? My mind began to slowly turn cloudy thinking. A long while, I suddenly opened his eyes blinds, are looking for a pair of smiling my eye, I immediately sat bomb from the bed into the sky, no sleep.
“You look really cute to sleep.” He sat side edge of the couch, his hands at my sides, my whole body trapping.
I uneasily toward the Nue, this position is really ambiguous, cleared his throat to cover up embarrassing uneasiness in my mind, “You’re coming!”
“think of me?” he jokingly scraped scratch my nose, full of laughter asked.
“wedding, but also fun? ‘I asked exports regret it, I saw him smile Lianqu, cold and brutal change of Yin Zhi, an atmosphere of tension and wrong spread around.
when I thought of this connection he would leave, he spoke: “! Fu Ya, I want you,” reveals a firm with a hint of fundus blurred.
I nodded and smiled back at him, his pupil white figure that swayed me, a look torn trance, until his head down and kissed my lips. I stared staring at him Mouzhong strands tenderness, stunned room, gentle, soft feeling in the mouth spread like fire breathing and I mingle with, breathing with.
I muttered moaned uncontrollably, my body is also a piece of clothes disappeared. Forehead, eyes, jaw, neck, lips and one begins to wander in my face, filled with a deep sense of passion between us. Finally, he hugged me fall into the tent account, thick hands on me constantly walk, stroking. I attracted a burst of thrill, one begins to ignite a passion for all my

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To be scared moo exclaimed, hooves trampled, shakes his head from side to side, but did not run around the cow exceptionally obedient, Su Zhi patted its head, it does not move immediately, red the 苏芷 moo cried, as if the same had been wronged in coquetry, 苏芷 quickly and patted its head, and thought this cow always drink spring water, not only the longer the strong, it seems wise up.
horse pulling the wagon after just carts, and the carts to squeeze a little, it has been some resistance, drew next to a red, hit the side of a stall, and finally stopped.
“I went to see it, do not move here wife!”
Shenzi An earlier thought that his wife was trapped in a dangerous situation, his heart suddenly take up anger, thinking to find the owner of theories about the carriage.
results Shenzi An just walked right in front of the bike, and before he jumped from the car’s steering wheel specifications say the words, to see the horse was still pedaling Yaotouhuangnao horse hooves and neighing loudly, two front lift upward. Actually ran up and pulled the wagon!
“Oops! car there Pathwalker! lady! Miss!”
that waggoners just jumped out of the car, which erupted thrown down his anxious hopping toward the carriage to catch up.
Shenzi An nothing Guzhe want. Also ran up,cheap uggs, he ran very fast, like an arrow, as washed out. All of a sudden put that left behind a steering wheel specifications.
horse also just ran a few steps, then dragging a car after it crashed into a stall, it was 沈子安 to catch up. Shenzi An looking for a best time, came up and grabbed the carriage of her story, son. That car still ran forward, the horse also ran before Pinmingdexiang, with Shenzi An directed forward. Shenzi An frowning, his teeth a bite, leaning back for a refund, lift up your hands, two feet down hard. The body strength to use it.
will see the carriage suddenly stops, the horse is still riding on the hoof forward, but just pulling the car forward a few times,cheap ugg boors, how can not move, and can only scream a few times, then there chaos stepping hoof, but not in the crazy rushed forward.
this time that the driver also ran over, pulled from 沈子安 broken hands over the reins of the horse, kept in thanks.
Shenzi An face does not look good. Although he saw the reins when the horse already knows this is not a runaway wagon owners are willing, they are frightened, but that does not make him frightened wife to anger level down.
that the driver apologized and said plaintively:! “Thank you, brothers, that the horse scared, I was not intentional, just after the street does not know what to think where to throw out something hit the horse. The head, which scared the horse, the horse reins partial and broken. helping hand extended also to thank you brother, brother really god ah, or else no one can really pull this horse and carriage up. Thank you Thank you! “
Shenzi An explanation of listening to this driver, but also feel this is the scourge of heaven, which he has apologized, and he can not pull his marked meal, but do not want to lose what he would like this matter can only be so Well, his face is still difficult to see.
driver also see Shenzi An’re angry, Shenzi An frowning pout look really scary, he kept in touch after thanks not dare to mold his head, thinking, or take a look at the car people talk about it!
“Lady, lady, you all right? okay now, thanks to the help of a hero, the car stopped coming.”
inside the car in front of the driver said, his heart also complain that today he considered the matter of luck, though not his fault, but to blame him he can not do anything, and just a lady lady car can blame God not blaming his head to. He also thought the 沈子安 introduced to Miss a grateful heart, thinking Mrs. hero, maybe put him to forget. So he immediately pulled to go Shenzi An, thinking the brothers also helped me a favor, let him get points advantage now!
“This little guy Please stay.”
carriage inside a woman’s voice coming out, and then the curtain Yi Liao, from the inside first down a woman dressed in green clothes from the car win a stool child, then reached down to help him up from the car people. Down from the car has two women are stepping stool son was helping the woman in green down, do not look at the first dress, this move would be seen only girl in green is a maid, while the latter two are masters of.
first woman head down the woman giving her hair comb run out of water slide,uggs outlet, inserted a gold top step shake is like peonies, Condition is very good, shining in the sun, in addition to the gold 耳坠子 gold bracelets, looks bling. Look in his thirties, very long and dignified, who wore a purple silk blouse, blue skirt.
down after a girl was young, long quiet beauty, wearing a red tunic apricot aqua skirt, also beads Tsui around, we miss the typical look.
“the little brother, thank you for helping hand extended, otherwise I might have hurt my daughter or even lost their lives in the.”
that woman while wearing rich, but not the kind of superior appearance, looks very gratitude Shenzi An helping hand extended, but also slightly Shi a ceremony. The girl also followed Shi a ceremony.
沈子安 said: “You’re welcome, If you really feel sorry heart, you will lose those pedestrians and carriage bumped the stall lady just lost it, I also suffered a shock, I have to go back and look. say good-bye. “
Shenzi An finished turned away, the owner of this wagon is not intentional, but also a good attitude to apologize, Shenzi An anger and then a big heart and two women is not good then what the fuss. Just thinking about his wife was scared, he wanted to go see. Just turned out of the crowd, he saw his wife standing in front of, he immediately went over and took her hand.
“wife, you do not Pale Ba?”
Su Zhi shook his head and looked 沈子安 child cowl worn by the hand and said: “! I’m all right, it touches your hands are broken, the Medical Center to find a package about it.”
Shenzi An looked at and said:. “just broke some skin on the package to find a veil on the line.”
Li Shih They drove her oxen chase over. sister-in-law Paizhexiongkou
Lee said: “I just really scared me okay Koyasu brother and brother deft ah stone, or two sister does not have knocked!?!”
roots sister-in-law has also scared the fortunate side.
Liu Siniang just think of the scene, but also while scared, she saw Li Shih-one, and his head turned back, thinking he just saved himself, she does not say thank you. Now again, they feel it does not really open up, after all, but just Li Shih took her away in her hand, she also hit his arms. Just be too messy, someone saw what did not Guzhe now if she mentioned that it would not be what people want, that does not seem good. Li Shih went on
沈子安 pat on the shoulder, said: “Good brother, knew you great strength, did not expect this big to envy, a horse pulling a horse bolted, and carriage, and must have hundreds pounds of energy left?! original wood work you carry a child that did not use the full ah! “
Shenzi An smile, he is not the kind of person pushy with how much force to force, never showing off.
onlookers also full of praise for the Shenzi An, have not seen such a big effort man.
Su Zhi hurry to pack the wound with Shenzi An, a few people turned the street carts drove away.
that the owner of the Shenzi An carriage turned out of the crowd after being surrounded by the crowd, so that they guarantee to pay compensations loss, until resolved over these things, Shenzi An few people have gone.
“does not expect mercy’d met a newspaper man, later if met, may still have to return the twelve.”
the woman said with a smile, this carriage can not sit up, who knows this horse will not be mad, not to mention the reins are broken. Fraser TV drama coach let that car go first, she and the girl next to a restaurant on, let the maid go to hire carriages. Maid gone.
the young lady in front of the restaurant looked into the crowded street, the man would have gone earlier figure, sip a Minchun, and the woman went into the restaurant.
After this a shock, Shenzi An in the end is pulled to the Medical Center 苏芷 pack his hands, and then went to a pedestrian in a restaurant, the original Naogua Zi Ling Li sister-in-law, with the eggs will come first before going to market restaurant to ask whether or not a long time, the restaurant is always closed down.
have been coming to the restaurant when the noon, the restaurant which has had guest, lock and gained little dish on the table looking at all those fat greedy.
Li sister-in-law knocked on the cub’s head, she saw his son should flow hole, and feel some shame, they feel distressed.
苏芷 also looked at those dishes, She was not greedy, but wanted to see how good the restaurant’s dishes, which always said novel prescription care of the household will be able to make money selling vegetables, she’d like to see this dynasty food is not that the world is also the original gap. In fact, she was already had envisioned, even thought aniseed and vinegar, as well as candied fruit dumplings do not know what it’s dynasty, which is certainly not how rich dishes, estimated she had eaten the food here many are not.
沈子安 others see 苏芷 see food on the table, that she was hungry, and immediately decided to stay and eat a meal.
Article chapter on
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Shenzi An see 苏芷 staring at food on the table, that she was hungry, and immediately decided to eat here for lunch and then rang back, he and 苏芷 said, 苏芷 immediately agreed.
“Well, here to eat. stones brother, two sister-in-law, Siniang, and gained a small lock, we ate here today and I Koyasu treat.”
Su Zhi look at this restaurant is thinking about how delicious the food, although this time there is no aniseed no vinegar, but maybe made out of food is good, she should try to see, called Zhiyizhibi, as be victorious, ah, Su Zhi money on prescription vegetables must go this route although no intention, but if the walk through, she is very happy, and who will make money in another way too much?
Su Zhi Li Shih opening please forward to a few people, she’s not the kind of stingy stingy person, and these relations are both good treat to eat a meal that was not at all distressed.
Li sister-in-law a few people do not think so, this restaurant is in addition to their countryman to sell these things, it is easy to dare to enter, in their eyes, eat a meal here can eat ten small stall outside back.
Li Shi is seen the world outside of a meal in a restaurant does not feel so how’s a no, he would not have dinner on the Shenzi An’ll feel trouble, after all, he often went home on the Shenzi An eat it, thinking about eating his meal, after coming back from yet another up on the line. But they refuse to see Li sister-in-law, and he was pressing a big man can not say sit down sit down, think Su Zhi, if want to eat, do not say Shenzi An, she can put a few women advised to sit down, do not need He said the sound.
to Ran, Su Zhi put a few words to persuade even pull with three women sat down.
cub and a small lock sitting beside their Mother was very happy. An wriggled moving on, pulling his hands on the table top draw, a small sitting there with backs straight, but his face is smiling. Eyes looked to four, which sits on the inside of the restaurant feeling very fresh.
“It lets you spend more than ah, this restaurant for dinner valuable na!”
Li sister-in-law sitting at the table. For dinner or happy sitting here, but please let others, or feel embarrassed.
roots sister-in-law said: “You This is just married, we still have Wazi, you had better save our little flower.”
Su Zhi Ying smiled, watching folks go over.
“some guests, what you eat?”
Li Shih is a treat of a few. Of course, the couple heard the Shenzi An a la carte. Shenzi An watching Su Zhi, his wife has always been to eat here, of course, is for her to order. And his wife to cook delicious, she certainly is a good a la carte.
苏芷 looked at the man, smiled and asked:? “What you have here.”
Su Zhi go past that now is not only to hide the ugly face holding a cloth covered the woman. She now shares Fubai  , eyes water, laughing so inspiring, so that people will see feel very comfortable, the little boy saw Su Zhi this little lady smiled at him, his attitude is not the same as it once .
“Our dishes are plenty here, little lady look, we face here a few walls are hung dish, hung here today what we can do anything to it. If a few do not want to see their own effort, I can give You talk about the name of the dish, if you do not want to hear, say, some of the dishes were out, I let the chef to make you go. “
Su Zhi long been seen all around the walls are pinned rows of nails, wooden sign hanging above the bars. The above was written with a brush dish. This is the most convenient menu, and do what dish hung Which brand, which can not be done on the dishes come off very easy. For those who are not literate, and to rely on folks, but generally not literate people who have nothing to pay attention, a lot of people are doing a direct point of dishes let go.
苏芷 looking at this table from their own recent past to see that a few rows of the menu, find the name did not make the left as they played some nice modern restaurant that does not know what to do, what to do all at a glance, It is winter now, really nothing tricks, less meat and more vegetables, poultry meat has touches.
“Just look at the names I can not see what is coming, so be it, put you here for the first up eight delicious dishes, one bowl of rice.”
Su Zhi said that she would like folks are familiar with the food here, he points up the dishes must be the best place to eat, where to eat the best of their own just know what kind of food, and naturally know their past lives will do Those dishes here have no market.
one that folks should be a cry, to preach the dishes.
“sister to the eight dishes, is not too much, let’s eat.”
roots sister-in-law, said she saw two men This four women plus two children, although a close one dish, but the children and women really can not account for what number.
苏芷 said: “The food, the two men could eat, I’m hungry too, while you also eat the cub, hear not, eat, long big man..”
gained nodded and said: “! I eat a lot, to run as fast as Shen Tetra have the strength to be able to play when the Tigers, but also the crazy horse to live.”
“Well, then eat more.”
Su Zhi hear worship Shenzi An cub, she looked at Shenzi An, some people want to own xianggongzhuang worship ah, she was the daughter is really proud of it!
small lock is watching 苏芷, said:. “I imagine the same will Sishen literacy.”
original small lock on the wall just to see Su Zhi brand seriously, he could not read, and immediately feel Sishen good deal.
roots sister-in-law laughed and said: “This Wazi, and he said the child usually cite learning good, so he learned something, he did not learn so much momentum son sister, my wife and children locked but admire you. . “
苏芷 smile, said: “This is a small lock seeing is believing, see what I can read to understand the things he could not read, they feel I am very much a lock, however small, to be on the scholarship, or your five-Tang Shu. deep, Sishen only scratched the surface. scholar when you came here to test high official, it can be five TangShu would like to learn. “
small lock nodded, but still feel the Sishen worse, five TangShu always inside the house, he could not see him, does not know what he was much worse?
dish quickly came up, saw a small lock and gained dishes are eye-catching, moving his hand until the big people, two of them have begun to take their food to eat. Children are always happy to eat meat, eat quickly and very fragrant, but not as good as he spoke while eating or Sishen do good.
folks carrying dish up, being heard two small Wazi say four aunt did not like the food here is delicious, mouth a fast, back on as a joke and palm

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Everything is arranged, Han Lixi hope to make some of that mysterious bone Exalted TIPS. Best not to decorum, honest argument handed him the Spirit. Because he was very clear that only let each other know their strength is not weak, they may continue to have the covenant.

course, the other if it is really intended to kill from what he would bluntly pre-emptive.

and “nine Spirit of the Senate” whether for condensation Yuan Ying really great wonders, he has aspirations to get hands down.

fame after all this fetish is too great, I believe even for form Yuan Ying useless, but certainly while other magical effects.

thought here, Han unconsciously opened his eyes, glanced around his waist to nine spiritual reference incarnation, the White Rabbit.

result, the purpose of the case to let him into the stay.

because this little thing just to mental effort never fully Yan down a feeble look.

Han mind a move, knowing that this matter is certainly the body had been dug out that mysterious bone, otherwise they would not look into the case looks like.

Suddenly, Han eye on the altitude of the woods.

a meal after work, and that the mysterious Master of bone flying clouds finally escape from. Has been flown over at the circle, only to themselves heard down.

but he did not disperse the clouds,uggs outlet, so it floats in the air without saying anything.

Han then stood up blankly, staring straight cloud, there is no meaning to the opening.
long while, the clouds came the cold voice of mysterious bones.

“so guard your child, what does that mean?” mysterious voices bone freezing cold. “Nothing means. Merely repair low light, it suddenly fell shot just scared seniors. Next,” Han Liping Jing said.

“Humph! your heart too much of it! spiritual things if I do not want to give you, why would you bring all the way here? do not forget, I need you to help me deal with that Nitu shot it! “mysterious bone seems strong pressing anger sermon.

“seniors do not know that there is a saying that this moment was right! Maybe predecessors when he first entered the virtual Hall of days, the next really need help, but now another helper predecessors, Mr. Han may not be sure of.” Han heads Hanmang radiance, such as swords like eye on each other.

“What do you mean?” mysterious voice colder bone and revealing faint surprise of color. .

“seniors do not have to pretend I do not know, and will come another recall his earlier form of spiritual search parameters scene, has been I saw. no longer hiding it!” Han some wrinkled brow, and some impatience said.

heard this, clouds of mysterious silence bone up. But soon after, the clouds deep voice sounded strange man.

“Boy, how did you find me, I do not believe that you can see through my changing shape of art!” voice of the master unceremoniously asked.
“not interested in answering the next question people do not know. juniors now just ask about the mysterious bone predecessors, and I really want to fight you have to suffer, while cheaper that very overcast it?” Han-colored face with sarcasm .

“lose-lose! too high you saw yourself! though you may kill fee hands and feet, but this is a consideration, the wife also paid out.” one finished his statement, shot a sudden cloud of yellow, just hit FIGHTING shroud on top.

guard sudden change color, from yellow to a red color, the matrix method is at the center of what has become a very hot, as if, like a big oven.

Han see this screen, look unchanged. Just sigh a sigh, a single hand of a Young, a blue law must hit the shield.

yellow and red color immediately change back and forth a few times, then returned to its original color. BBQ hot if only just a dream general.

“Hey! array flag you my hands to do what?” in the cloud came a loud sound of surprise.

“hands? do well you do it!” Han did not want to answer meant.

“Humph! well I did that gold ball, you use pretty good.” mysterious bone Schmidt’s coldly.

“What? Did you ……”

Han look pale! Think of something, and immediately wanted to screen off the gold around his waist, throw far.

But with the mysterious bone Huasheng faded, after a flash of gold mesh, became black as ink color.

Then he turned into a very thin black canopy air, hitting the Han quickly climbed the whole body, his net in the inside, and immediately tightened up. The network did not ask rabbit is discarded to the side, this little thing, but still, it seems caught in a coma.

suddenly suffer from this storm, even if Han calm again, look it suddenly changed!

“how kid, ghosts taste like silk You can now draw on the body’s slightest mana you?” clouds in the sky,cheap ugg boors, came the laughter mysterious bone Exalted proud of.

Han remark, was surprised the hurried a reference force, but then his face ashen up.

four hundred and fifty second chapter Thunder Strike

Han body just felt like magic solidified in general, did not extract it. Obviously these nameless ghosts real dollars ban live wire. ,

not help but feel his heart aghast, hastily looking attentively these fine black lines.

dense black line wrapped around the whole body, glossy black, exudes a touch of chi, a glance is extremely strange evil things.

Han skinned, cramps casual look!
had got the gold net, and he is not never doubted what each means in the above action. But then a few times after careful examination, did not find anything unusual.

him nor gold with other instruments, but to bite the bullet and use of this material.

but he could really live with gold mesh capture the spirit of participation behind, it will throw suspicion heart temporarily set back of the head.

I did not expect, and now just a turn against each other, with this matter immediately to the other side of a plot, and even magic moment of real dollars are not spent.

but Han’s face blue just stagnate for a moment, then immediately returned to normal.

because he immediately thought, there are now outside the protection of the matrix method, the other a little while he could get nothing approach. This means lifting enough he found his shackled.

thought here,cheap uggs, Han sneered, trying to call the head of gold insect bite when it came behind him, “pop” is heard.

this sounds extremely slight, if not already Han soul wide open throughout the whole big fuss, I’m afraid can not find this strange. Han hairs standing on end. Without thinking suddenly a big turn. Meanwhile mouth uttered whistling, gold insect bite behind the overwhelming air rushed past.

“boom” of loud noise coming from behind. Han’s face darkened.
I saw before
behind gold insect bite, being blocked by a strange figure aquamarine body, desperately impact on each other.

although this figure faceless, covered Ghostly hands but into two endless aquamarine python dance, all close to the gold insect bite, all whipped to the side, never let these insects near its front half step. Gold insect bite moment she could not accomplishment.

leaving Han Incredibly, in battle formation behind the shield still safe and sound. This is how the ghost did not touch the ban. Behind him to break into the past.

Han has not yet recovered from the surprise of the time, it came from the green shadow on a shouted voice. Lei

“What are these ghost bugs, not even my invisible body of law can be swallowed. it’s too scary.” Listen to the voice sounds strange man is earlier. At the moment, quite flustered look.

Han had not noticed. Green shadow to two green python though those gold insect bite knock out, but in the moment of contact, or by those beetles have a bite on the twelve, will swallow a little bit of green belly. No wonder so Jingnu each other.

but the cloud is still just talk. When lurking behind him to suddenly attack their own.

Han somewhat puzzled.

However, the problem that had flashed in his mind, now is not the time to consider.

He also did not talk with each other in meaning, mouth wailing sounded again.

suddenly a small part of gold insect bite out of the fray, came to him from flying, and instantly covered with whole body, facing tearing up the black silk big mouth.

because of the loss of mana, so Han can only be used to commanding voice barely a gold insect bite.

he must find other ways to deal with gold insect bite before you rescue job. After all, gold insect bite was a burst of fog in the ghost ghost roar. Shook the battered thing, he still remember.

perpetrated against each other equally to such a hand. It is a bad head.

At this point, what seems to be the shield around the heavy impact of the moment, after a few yellow flashing light up the walls began to shake.

Seeing Han glanced back a bit indifferent.

actually that mysterious midair bone, echoing the green light for action at this time attacked.

diameter Zhang Xu shot a huge black cloud of air masses from the fiercely hit in the top of the mask. Seeing how long the ban will not support the way.

different light heads a move, Han actually no longer bother to come back to.

gold insect bite, he looked to be blocked in the green shadow dance away Shiyu Zhang. His lips, face expressionless.

body ghosts wire, in this short moment, the biting insects that have been cut off less than half a. Han has felt his true element magic, just around the corner. Can not help but reveal a trace of dark lighted.

to magic as long as he can recover. There are many methods you can cast.

But this time, the green light to a low growl. Stature suddenly rolling in a turn, look into a rapidly rotating to a huge gyroscope, a headlong into the front of the insect population, out of several feet away from a little closer to Han.

ten thousand gold insect bite successor of the former Ministry rushed up. Although most were quickly throw off huge gyro, but there are still a small part of its annual glued on. This time top speed dropped.

Seeing other insects, unceremoniously swarmed.
moment, many green shadow was covered with gold insect bite body, no longer turning nothing appeared to be repeating group of insects that eat some fog ghost ghost.
But Han surprised

green ghost face similar suicide scene, his heart has not only happy, but great feel it is wrong.
The following things happened
immediately confirmed Han hunch.

is gold insect bite body covered with green shadow, in a breath between, what swell up out of thin air. Turning into a big ball bulging, also issued a dazzling Lvmang.

“bad” Han Anjiao a cry, wanted to reclaim the gold insect bite, but did not wait for him to speak.
“bang”, the ball deafening noise, burst open.

an extremely cold atmosphere, about all the flies drowned in its inside.

Then, in the center of the burst, Lvmang most dazzling place, a faint green line under the cover of crackling, fleeting flying out. Shortly to also remnants of black silk tied with Han before.

“Your body is received the uncle!”

this sound crazy laughter, the Green Line in vain flash, suddenly turned into a hideous Kito several feet size, and the mad rush.

see this scene in heaven mysterious bone, his face showing a hint of a smile, the hands of the attack immediately stopped.
though that the number of attacks as long as another guard, would be broken look.

Han stared toward his Kito, look extremely cold!
But when
it flying into the far distance only Zhang Xu, Li Yin eyes flash of color, who broke into a strong evil spirits.

which shares the ferocious evil spirits, like a real tangible, like, actually let it fly to the front of Kito escape could not help but hesitated, so Dayton meal.

Han suddenly a mouth, a thick golden arc, actually from the mouth Kuangpen out, ripped through a close look and could not escape grimace.

Kito screams loudly, immediately became a mass strike gold green arc gas, Jingnu roaring sound, immediately subsequent exile and escape.

available at this time Han, how will put it away so easily.

immediately the whole body a light golden arc mad run, the body of a black line in this moment, the collapse off completely.

Han unhesitating stature flash, after a few vague blur, who actually was a relative latecomer to catch the green behind the gas.

Then he blankly raising his hand, his right hand grasping fiercely forward.

pale golden arc suddenly appeared in the top five fingers, green gas suddenly vanished. The Han is more out of the hands of an aquamarine crystal beads, strange flashing light, it seems like live.

Han just sit and look for a moment, then unceremoniously fingers a close.

“Pata” sound, crystal beads hit shot in the next arc, turning to powder.

can use unbridled evil god of thunder Han, even the King of Ghosts level green shadow, in the absence of the flesh, the kill is between the moment.

its ease, and even some unexpected Han himself.

However, Han looked up at the moment, looking at the sky mysterious bone, and looked the same and said:

“the nine spiritual reference given to me, I can when nothing happened and continue to cooperate with you! Otherwise, not your death is my death!”

Han’s voice is calm, but the meaning of the cold, so that the air of mysterious bones look very ugly!

“Good! good! good!” mysterious bone Master Han looked straight after a long while actually blurted out three good character.

This makes Han can not help but screwed up his eyes, staring at each other tightly and hold.

“If he fails to seize homes, even if his skill bad. nature only and I collaborated on the winning side. these nine spiritual reference, you pick good.” air of mysterious cloud of a whole body bone will be closed, showing stature.

followed by a hand of a Young, a golden box from the air direct to the Han.

four hundred and fiftieth chapters very overcast strikes

Han’s face without expression, let the box hitting the rebound off the mask, fell on the outside of the matrix method.

prohibited without the slightest sense to turn off.

with cautious eyes, he just stared at the gold box, no verbal one.

“how afraid of changes made in this case by ghosts or wire it? rest assured that you now have that old devil hung up, I only have teamed up and you can remove very overcast. no longer for you to bite. And you Gold praecox who did so much magic, it really beyond my expectations. presumably dealing with very overcast Xuanyin Dafa, will be able to play the miraculous, and I would never cut off the arm. “mysterious hands and recite the bone behind the mask of the Han Liping looking at static said.

Han heard the remark, but glanced at the sky a mysterious bone.

for him, since someone can plot against him once, will naturally be due to other unknown reasons the second plot.

other mouth the words to say that again and again sounds reasonable, he was good to be cautious.

thought here, Han Yang with one hand, a very slender pale golden arc catapult out, just hit the child on the gold lid.

result in the “friends” sound of EDM, the gold box shaking several times, the mutation did not occur.

see this scene, Han light out of breath.

If this box is made of what evil things change, presumably can not escape through the “evil God of Thunder” of the blow.

Then, he assured the red box empty trick. The gold box jump from the ground, flying straight to come.

meantime. Mask instantly flashed around the flash, and restore the status quo ante. Gold box then take the opportunity to have passed through the hands of guard flew Han.

mysterious bone soul in Korean site monitoring stature did not move. This makes him a little

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Said: “Iron Bao said he had previously learned the art of healing are almost forgotten.”
“Then you tell him this thing today, he would be very happy!” niu smiled wryly.
shy wife Bao iron dolls immediately turned to the direction, I am sorry to pick niu words, but her smile is still a steady stream swarmed her cheek.
looked shy wife look like iron treasure, niu could not resist a smile, the smile of the arms of the results to wake up to the balls, the balls opened his eyes began crying loudly,uggs outlet, which erupted to the Niu gave a confused rush, stood up, while pacing, while cajole, always loud Egg is gripped niu confused, so niu particularly afraid Egg cry, but it happens Egg is a crybaby dolls, nine times on the day to cry, to be tortured the niu downright up!
After a child, niu finally balls to coax good, gently kiss the face of small balls of milk, and then facing the CRB wife complained: “Egg is crying, crying for at least one day Eight! I have been afraid of him crying! think about or mountain behaved child, when he preterm birth,cheap ugg boors, particularly small, but do not cry, they love to laugh, I think back now, could not remember what he cried look like! huh …… “Just think of the mountains niu small child smile, it will not help feel gratifying, but until now, the mountains are still a few small doll inside the Mount niu that.
iron treasure Couqu wife smiled and said:. “Nini childhood quite able to cry, and then pick the night when love doll naughty,cheap uggs, are hard to coax holding her treasure.”
niu words immediately smiled and then said: “! It was like a treasure of his own iron, and I listen to Ganniang say, iron treasure love child crying at night Oh ……” niu then recalls: “Iron is the most foolish childhood treasure , cleverest it! special to listen to my words and my brother! huh …… and his childhood was fat, when the village children can climb trees, he would not, because as long as he was a tree, that tree is shaken too particularly severe, once he climbed half the time, not daring to move straight up, holding the trunk cried for ages, and then directly from the tree fell down, put their seats shall fall ass too! “
Niu said, while laughing very happy, iron treasure is the first time I heard his wife iron treasure tree climbing embarrassments, smiled happily.
Once opened the floodgates of memory, just as the same way as the previous flood memories came surging, niu then gave CRB wife said several pieces of iron treasure childhood things, iron treasure wife obviously want to hear this, so hard to come by the way to get rid of the shy smile on his face apparently head to spill out from the heart. Niu and iron treasure wife simply because iron treasure childhood embarrassments as foolish thing and pass the time in a fun, two people have been laughing stomach feel pain, but also did not understand the words angered small doll also followed Egg laughed for a moment.
Egg laugh especially good-looking and cute, so precious daughter together niu and iron balls and rare around a lot.
—— digression —— Ann Ann ……

one hundred and fortieth chapters grandmother wants money, understanding little brother
this day early in the morning, before Liu Changxiang get his hands first to go under customary mountains and Otani ass touch, the result is not good to find that the two brothers are bedwetting happens today!
Liu Changxiang not angry, actually could not help laughing, got up and went to the closet to find clean pants two dolls to change.
week Moody’s also up early and saw 刘长祥 looking at opening a small clothes closet, flew on a bad premonition, frowning, blunt tone asked: “?? bedwetting who urine.”
Liuzhang Xiang replied dismissively: “You first go to work.” means that the baby is not something bedwetting week Moody’s to manage, but also allowed her tube.
week Moody’s expression suddenly not very happy, muffled from the house out, and then after a while child, Liu Changxiang took a hot towel to come.
Liu Zhangxiang action is very light, to help two baby pants off the wet, hot towel to rub the doll’s legs, and then to put on dry pants, then went inside to hold the bed, so that the two dolls talk money money to sleep, he then put myself out of bed sheets and duvet covers removed, going to wash, bed and mattress covers are also going to come out a little later, such as the sun, but also to take out dry in the sun.
doll bedwetting treatment in such things above, Liu Changxiang already very accustomed to and skilled. Especially now that the house dolls and more dolls bedwetting has become so common.
niu got out and saw that the Peas are in the yard to dry the washed linen, she could not help but laugh, not surprisingly, asked: “? Peas, is Otani and bedwetting.”
Peas turned red niu smiled, did not answer, but acquiesced, while the mountains have something to hide bedwetting down, after all, the mountain has been five years old, five years old dolls still wet the bed, it will be someone else jokes.
day several dolls happily spent the day, at night the sleep, niu it deliberately mountains and Otani both his arms, patiently taught with: “? night dreaming dreams have bedwetting ah.”
“No! latrine in the urine!” two brothers in unison, the answer is very definitely.
next week Moody rolled his eyes and thought: niu myself indeed born baby, mother even said a few words are the same, niu child is like this! Wetting the bed still refused to admit that he was framed in the latrine in the urine.
Otani for this answer, niu has been very used to it, and then taught and said: “That has not listened to your mother, I want to pee and called grandfather ah?”
“cried! grandfather was not home!” Otani pulled a smile, replied innocently.
niu feel in my heart wanted to laugh, patted on the ass Otani, continue to teach and said:! “Renee do next time to pee, I remember shouting too loudly grandfather Otani pee in bed yesterday, the quilt and wet, next time bedwetting is not a good doll! “
Otani little face buried niu body, muffled, said: “! Otani well-behaved.”
“mountain also remember not? remember Niangshui words are not?” niu not forget also told the mountains, although she did not know the mountain last night along with bedwetting, but according to niu know, the mountains are also a lot of times bedwetting.
“ah! remember!” big mountain is very well-behaved, simply replied, a small smile on his face, as if bedwetting is not his thing like.
Liu Zhangxiang next laugh, and then they pull the big mountains and Otani hands, often wet the bed with two dolls into the east room and went to sleep. Grandfather holding two dolls have big hands, shake, smile, seemed very happy, especially Otani, he had to walk can play something, go bounce, very happy! While walking, while still upturned head toward 刘长祥 asked: “? Grandfather, today also do not tell the story.”
“Today also speak.”
“I would also like to hear the story of a monkey playing monster! good or bad?”
“Good! grandfather also stresses the monkey Otani listen to the story.”
- After getting
morning, niu go home village to buy a big bone back, after breakfast, niu the big bones clean, chopped into small pieces, a small fire burning in the stove, and then slowly boil soup bones. Not only medical books recorded on
efficacy of herbal treatment for the body, is also written on the benefits of various feeding. Read medical books on niu wrote soup bones can nourishing the body, now makes more money niu home, his family was affluent, but a few people are very loving little doll, so often sell some meat, bones and the like to come back to a few Doll mend, making meals at home much better than before. Treat several dolls, a few adults are willing to spend.
noon, three dolls ribs soup for lunch is rice, a few adults still eat.
Otani naturally talkative, but he felt much more rice than rice to eat, see and niu week Moody’s are eating, he used a spoon to scoop their own bowl of rice to be sent around the niu, Ruannuo said: ” Mother! Otani eat rice, rice delicious! “
niu suddenly smiling, face Otani filial piety, she did not polite, openly mouth latch onto the spoon fed to Otani, facing Otani smile and lovingly praise and said:! “Otani Otani own Zhenguai good taste, your mother likes to eat, eat to work have the strength! “
Otani eyes blinked, and then toward the niu upturned face, naively said: “!!! Otani do not eat rice for dinner to eat a meal Otani also work.”
time, week, Moody’s could not help but interrupt said: “niu, you get peace of mind Otani eat meal, do not always tease him speak, speak eat angry inside, always so thin, they do not have a few ounces of meat. “Then, go out into a folder Otani bowl chopsticks dish while watching Otani eyes full of love.
niu free hand to lovingly touch on Otani’s head, then Otani obediently continue Chimi Fen up.
meal, niu have to go take care of the balls, to Egg feeding, urine, had held him, cajole him cry with dolls niu hard enough every day, and several dolls and if trouble up together , bring her all the time and effort have been occupying the go.
week Moody’s to wash the bowl back again Money, mountains and Otani three children went to bed to catch a nap, and then she sat down, side to recover gas, and niu while chatting.
“niu, our family for a long time did not come out of the new business to make money!” Zhou said Moody’s regret.
“Grandma, you want money?” niu immediately smiled and joked.
week Moody niu stare at, and then gently took from the hands of niu the balls to hold four children at home, each one she likes.
week against Moody’s Egg “Yiyi Ya Ya” barking with, week Moody’s face smile, very cooperatively with “Oh – ha -” and the sound of the balls to answer calls. I have a few old Palestinian grinning, laughing eyebrows bent. Egg eyes more sparkling smile more, prompting week Moody’s rare endless.
“niu, or wait for you to Egg weaning, and also to the town a few months when the wet nurse, right? village who do wet nurse wife say when wet nurse taste good live! they do not work! take silver many, but also a particularly new clothes and jewelry to take! those clothes and jewelry can be worthless! that material is very, very good! “week Moody’s heart to the proposed road.
“Grandma, I do not want to go! do have to have half a wet nurse was not at home, they do not see Otani Egg and I would like to get not sleep! large house rules brother said many things that are not clean more, those wife, gentlemen will lay people, you are willing to go without me? “niu very resistant replied.
“maid wife can get better they say ah! not heard will beat ah!” Zhou Moody steadfastly continued.
“I do not go!” niu balls that veil to wipe the saliva on his chin, categorically refused Road.
listen niu say, week Moody feel very sorry, but she has no way ah, after all, and no milk to feed her baby, so sorry to stop this topic.
followed by another week, Moody’s said: “niu, the incense and fragrant peanut seeds sell very profitable, we can have fried beans that way to get money without the beans also make a sweet taste??”
niu immediately smiled and nodded, I feel this is a rare grandmother thought out a good way, smiled and said: “!! good I’ll try this another way, should be able to be made.”
week Moody’s smile immediately became happily, seem very happy! Then added: “I do not know what else can be fried fragrant, can be bought?”
think watching my grandmother make money, so niu on the proposal and said:? “Grandma, a recent cold day, as you use the lees and sweet potato flour and cook soup fog barrel sold that day to the town to sell drink warm soup fog, and Dolls are like sweet and sour drink this stuff! cook the way to sell half a bucket of porridge, rice porridge is very fragrant, everyone love to eat, but now is not someone’s home cook, eat Laba people have to wait until the day to go , that there is a long time too! porridge to sell our house now, it should be able to sell pretty! “
week Moody solidified the face, seriously thought, and with hope, said: “!!! OK I’m going to try tomorrow, if sold well, then every day to sell.”
Niu said with a smile: “I do eat them again tomorrow Peas Ruannuo sugar ginger out, and they will be able to sell together!”
week Moody’s curious: “I do not know how what sugar ginger ah?”
“Wo grandfather taught Peas are doing, Wo grandfather have in my possession, and tomorrow I will do some for you to try to eat up waxy waxy, very fragrant, very good to eat.” Niu replied with a smile.
week Moody’s smile suddenly very bright, looking forward to when he said: “! OK”
next day, week Moody got up early to cook the soup and porridge fog are well equipped with barrels, buckets above also cover the wooden cover to keep warm. In addition, two large cask with a two barrel clean water, and also with a dozen barrels a bowl and spoon, so you can eat after a previous guest, immediately wash the bowl, and then close up ready to give back the guests.
week Moody gulping myself at home eating a bowl of porridge to fill the stomach for a moment, and then did not eat breakfast on the way towards the town rush! Niu in the previous week, Moody’s departure, specifically told her grandmother at noon if things have not sold out, then went to town to sell school door selling, because she thought the children like to eat these two things, but the town The kids have their own pocket money, you should be able to buy a lot of helping.
—— digression ——

one hundred and fortieth chapters chapter baby doll (a) After
breakfast, Liu Zhangxiang bamboo house went up the river, the mountains niu optimistic account of Money, and Otani two younger brothers, and then go with the kitchen and Peas do a fragrant ginger soy and sugar. The Egg This little baby child is asleep inside the West house shaker sweet good sleep, niu and Peas Once in a while he would go look at the house.
morning, iron treasure with pumpkins and Nini wife just come home to play niu, niu then moved to put the balls in the shaker under the eaves, asked his wife to help iron treasure watching balls, and she and the two of Peas In the kitchen can concentrate on the work.
do sugar ginger is a very slow, very cumbersome manual labor, but the fried beans on very fast! Niu fried beans at the time, kept to the top of the beans poured tuned tasty sauce, then fried beans very fragrant, and very tasty, with a sweet, yet there are salty.
niu the first call out to give a good fried beans tasted iron treasure wife, Money, already smell the aroma, and with four small doll ran over. But the beans very hard and finally were allowed to eat only Money fragrant beans, and that four small dolls did not have to eat it, niu into the house to get a stick of sugar each made one, and then they obediently went to the yard to play.
kitchen Peas still past men, sitting under the eaves niu temporarily recover from, and iron treasure wife spoke.
“Money is going to give her guests too grandmother cook go?” iron treasure wife very gentle voice asked.
“No, my grandmother went to town to sell fog soup and porridge to go! Last time there was a guest smack my grandmother too old, said the sentence meant my grandmother did not want to eat the food, then, so these days I have grandma The new house is not over cook the other side. “niu feeling very calmly replied with a smile. Liu village of new homes is specifically built for people that stay with the house guests in town said on behalf of.
“Sister, you fry the beans very fragrant, the taste is also very good, and I’d sell the house and fragrant incense peanut seeds taste like!” Hai Yuan wife smiled and praised, but also in deliberately change the subject, change the atmosphere.
niu but laugh without a word, and together with his wife clinging to the iron treasure beans to eat, chew with relish.
“Tracy, do not rush to go a little later, to help me with some of Coumadin

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The. Temple is very quiet, the other Priest and sacrifice their silence in a busy, no wonder he came in after the discovery atmosphere here is very heavy.

“God, God, what did you start?”

“…… immediately.”

two met more than 10 years, first saw firmly Mo test the color in the face of an old friend. The young man is no longer protected by their own weakness has been the guy, he never fight over what has been the crowd. For the royal rumors, there are many folk. The first prince 圣克利耶尔 Duchy no people remember, it is said that very few people showed up in front of His Royal Highness the Prince of magic is rare genius, but unfortunately in the chaos of the king died. Annihilation in the capital’s old things inside of him is nothing but a few faint reviews ……

“you, we have Di Chuigu such as West Timor Asia ……”

“Do you really believe that a child can bring a miracle? I’ve seen the real Di subfamily such as West Timor, and the legend of the child’s race may no resemblance at ah …… And, Di, such as West Timor in Asia,cheap ugg boors, but also just a race of it. “inherit God’s royal blood, although weak blood, after all, is also God’s descent,cheap uggs, originally Quan bit happy to get close to God is God, who obtained knowledge from God, making 赫安 pastor of the legendary race Most people with different views.

“miracle, is to rely on themselves to create, blindly waiting, or will be missed.”

Luo feel his body floating in the sunset. Consciousness in the body fly ……

earth is a light mist, you can feel the pulse of the elements elves calmly,uggs outlet, those brilliant colors in China, there is a faint hazy aura.

green curtains covering the shadow of the small, semi-sphere looks cute, can not help but close to some to see – the original is Aidan city ah.

people everywhere inside and outside walls, while desperately to climb, while the other crushed …… really boring, Luo consciousness toward the sunset somewhere else.

sounds filled the inside of the sphere, humming a. Green light on the other side, a quiet black waves, the water element be retiring in the dark, the sea is calm.

consciousness continues to drift, diffusion along the quiet wind, she saw a familiar person.

those people doing?
Light Faerie
dance together attracted void in the soul, put yourself into the sunset Luo closer position, it is 赫安 pastor ……
Temporary Temple of God held things
not disturb the soldiers on the wall.赫安 does not guarantee the consequences of their call brought the sea temple worship full gathered in the temple pond on the edge of the square, tightly around the center of people chanting praise poetry.

Battle Hymn of Praise worship the god of water sang songs, music resounded through the sky, the main walls of the Old City on the Sea Temple look back: “It’s strange, is who held ceremonies to pray for rain?” he discovered that no one on the wall to serve the god of water Priest in. “River mages doing?”

singing passionate and wild sea temple of ecclesiastics dancing body, danced ritual dance.赫安 pastor a white robe, stepping unique dance steps in the crowd.

“Hu man of God, you sent your girl created 圣克利耶尔 great Feifei Ya, springs of Feifei Ya Come! Come on! Come on ……” repeatedly chanting the void in the soul so excited, harp and drums to repeat a simple and ancient melodies, she also followed Munson singing, “Come on Come on Come on ……”

out from the High Priest of a female dance ritual, her voluptuous dancing, white arm hooked 赫安. Gudenaiya neck, slowly faded clothes pastor.

“Come on, come ……” Luo stared curiously at sunset on the upper body nearly naked men and women, they are doing ah?

Priest songs were more enthusiastic, with a strong desire, the crowd surrounded the pair tightly hug together, see gaping void in the soul: good, good erotic dance ah!

elements of the wizard ran from the side, joyfully entwined around a TV drama for men and women, pools and fountains Sea Temple Square, scattered droplets emitted brilliant light, which splashed cold water fanatic who sacrificed body the crowd even more crazy.

Aidan clouded over. Clouds tired interlayer water wizard squeeze, a road forked lightning, thunder sounded dull ears in everyone!

Edmonds out of the camp, rumbling thunder in the sky, the earth moment is shrouded in black, plain dark bloody hi mages looked at each other and see who the Legion grew sharp eyes, all waved: “!’s not our call.”

Well, you have so generous enough, this is obviously the way to the next storm.

soldiers on both sides have to stop the action, looking at the current strange sky.

only Aidan this region, bringing clouds of black night.

赫安 kissed the priest posted together with his female ritual, magic stirring in between the two. Behind the fountain gushing up from the high water curtain, all the TV drama Priest who only repeated the call of the ancient language.

really spectacular …… in nothingness, someone stare followed by “Come on …… Come on ……”

赫安 scarlet liquid pouring from the nose and mouth, and a strong element of water broke through the body of imprisonment, which is the price of the call of God!
Come on come on come on come on come on

sky bright flashing brilliance, with pink polka from Hean. Gudenaiya body flying, priestess soft down firmly clinging to the priest, shed tears from the eyes, and spring mix.赫安 weak voice in her ear remembered:. “Feifei Ya Mi Tike, I ask you …… with their lives.”

rain poured down.

body 40 Feifei Ya

40 Feifei Ya cold rainstorm washed the earth, a spring out of the road surface, pour down from the mountain fir leaf roll moment of flood engulfed the prairie. Viagra is not so much of God, which is more like natural disasters can not resist, Edmund led troops flooded waist in mud stream efforts to stabilize herself.

Bath walls Aidan firmly protect the city, the city of cheering soldiers and civilians.

they worship the god of water in the nation, have a natural love for the water, and will not block the line of sight of the storm as it hors de combat.

“But who is calling this storm? Big Sea Temple Priest has gone ah ……” wet to look in the direction of the Old City Temple of the Lord, in the rain, and the sound of singing and dancing to celebrate the.

spring song, singing every 圣克利耶尔 citizens will see the horrors outside the city walls, ecstatic army also began singing the old songs.

song merged into a torrent, making more enemies outside depressed despair.

- we should not have come, this is a country known as the source of life and the guardian of the water god son Feifei Ya ah.

great Feifei Ya, springs of Feifei Ya …… Come on Come on ……

赫安 priest’s body already lean to scary skinny now is not abundant blood pouring from pores crazy, tearing him great pain. Luo sunset want to reach out to help him, but found themselves just awareness!

no hands, no body! Just useless sense! The pain was her pain …… like all the water elements are active when looking for a breakthrough …… is Pass and Le throat pain using the same language dragon!
Temple center springs
swept over the crowd’s feet, under an atmosphere of Mi Yan, raised silky drops. Numerous crystal water jump, a touch of human volts from the water since.

Raining! Humanoid straight from slender waist, taking waterfalls hair thrown up in the air, thousands of crystal pieces and crumbs. Ding-dong sound like spring water flows through the mountain, to be added to the beautiful sounds uttered warble: ah, back to this piece of land it.

aqua eyes looking at the naked body to meet the gods of the people, beautiful smile blossoming in God’s face: “My children, what do you call me?”

“Quan 菲菲亚 God, my God, please brutal expulsion of the invaders!” holding the priest priestess of ghost air loud request.

“My dear children, the gods can not del non-start, only the guardian of our existence.” Feifei Ya crowd replied grimly, “but polluted my garden, they also pay the price!”

spring goddess discourse fall, spring will roll on the floor of the altitude, the angry goddess his white face from the clouds, so that the land of the enemy Curry added more confusion.

“impossible! how the gods will direct the war!” dark mages are tough to catch firmly in the hands of soldiers, shouting hysterically.

ferocious waves of water, such as the Pentium, rickety soldiers heavily hit the wall, mostly mountainous country of soldiers did not know water, frightened some of them directly toward the plains toward the ocean away. Sea Temple Priest who left standing on the walls, cast one attack magic water, sky, rain into sharp thorns penetrate through the enemy’s body!
walls, like a slaughterhouse, the goddess seems to not want to see this scene, the body disappeared in the sky.

“pastor, priest, and we succeeded.” held in conjunction with the 赫安 things priestess God face tears aspect, constantly stroking her arms person’s face, trying to wake people the cold.

rain pattering Lek hit them, Luo sunset feel crying.

“My children, I’ll take him back to the kingdom of the Gods.” spring water rises from the earth goddess, worship gentle hand extended to women.

whimpered, women worship the pastor on the ground, the rain washed her body was white Paradise, “God, why do you have to call your offspring to do with their lives, if you can replace, please do not take him …… I put my life to You. “

“My child, I’m glad you do to protect my children …… but this is my most Nongxue inherited the eligibility of future generations only God is not a panacea, and I need to be able to access this space medium. usual I just put their power to summon the children scattered through out, but today you directly call up my body, this price is Summoner’s life. “

able to call God’s people recognized only by God, although priestess want to replace, but not qualified. “The kids have done well, so I can expose one into force. Force of the gods in the world is a disaster, though only two of the natural level of God, the role of the law is still in my body.”

law, is the law. Void girl anxiety, the breath of life from 赫安. Gudenaiya who pulled out a little bit, but also an understanding of the person going to die yet?

“What about me? I have this qualify?” She could not help but ask.

“Huh?” Feifei Ya naked body through space ripples. She felt the Luo sunset. “Who are you? This is my field of space, why are you able to enter …… No, you’re not in this space.”

female goddess worship saw the rise of looking in the void, she blankly looked down, hugged 赫安 burst into sobs.

a dress draped over her body. Examination Mo approached her: “Your honor, please let him return to God’s embrace it.”

Luo sunset sounds very pleasant surprise: “Can you feel me?”

“…… Yes, your breath is very strange, I feel the power of the pulse, and I homologous strength. ability to fold this space …… Which one are you god?”

“No, I’m not …… you talk about the law, do not call those who will have to pay a life to call God? other people can not use the power of springs of God? If the call of God on behalf of the dead, it is not no magic division exists, since the Master is not magic and where the meaning of existence? “

菲菲亚 also very confused, she felt that he was surrounded by a field of God, yet they can not find each other. “No, no, although set by the person who made the magic contract resonance elements can summon the power of God, the most they can just get a little strength, power distributed to those who are bounded only minor fluctuations God Himself because the Son of Man itself bound, they can only share the gods thousandth or less …… shining like the sun god, in the light of all things to grow, for the light of God, however, it is only their own radiation Light fills. “

gods and humans combined to produce offspring, and God has blessed part feature, “My kids can play more than the average person of the Son of strength, passing blood-based, the gods are less likely to reject them pray – - Of course, there are some gods born on the matter, but I like my kids, they loved it too, gave them call my contract …… but with the blood of God’s weak and vulnerable who have no non-Bender Like when you are free to use the ancient power of the same God. “

“Do you mean to say that as long as a contract, you can use your power?”

“Yes, but this is the rule laid down in the contract, only the blood of my successor to get The child with his life called me coming, he was able to drive, but also just let me flood the earth.”

ability to call themselves God’s ability to decide how much to borrow it? “Formulate contract is kind of how? Addition to inherit your blood no other way?” Is lineal 圣克利耶尔 addition to the royal family, other people can no longer summon the spring goddess?

“If it is to serve the water level is higher than my God and gods who can get a non-contractual Del, of course, you can also use a large summon spell. Unfortunately, this town in addition to the child, no longer a suitable power shunt. “space surging undercurrents, familiar even to her trembling fear, emptiness to those who in the end is what? “Excuse me, you say you’re not God, but I clearly felt the same breath of God, but with the same dignity of Mother of God in all the river fluctuate …… gods, there I do not know?”

…… “Baiyin Long Nadiqier.” giants said the name of God is God of media art, the founding of the dragon, in charge of water 白银龙 name, is not representative of a contract? The initial guarded by the dragon himself, has long set the contract.

“Baiyin Long Nadiqier? Dragon? elderly Maronite which is it?, I have not heard you are Maronite guests?” 菲菲亚 springs are a new God Protoss in the second sub-division after the initial dragon, many later gods are no longer recall on the light of God, as well as the original Dragon exist.

Luo sunset is 菲菲亚 confused, she did not know, on top of the initial dragon away from the earth, the legendary founder of dragon does not exist. But also, after she woke up, it was not seen Baiyin Long, then the breath of his mouth Springs What does it mean?

think of it! How could you forget it …… “Hua Texas.”

I was in the water Goblin King “Hua Texas,” Children of Men, you can call me in the human community.

really want to smoke themselves, it’s not just being in addition to the dragon language she can also rely on the magic power? But …… do not know who the call of the water sector monarch, will put their overdraft away.

Feifei Ya beautiful eyes wide open, Hua Texas! Higher than the existence of the mother, the Protoss have physical access to the human world and not invisible elves able to be summoned in any space!

Goblin King made a pact with the only gods, but five or more grades of God, as far as is known to the goddess of spring, only her mother could chant the Water Goblin King’s name.

basic elements of the wizard world, the initial presence of the dragon master wizard king, god of creation of these elements behind the king, constitute a source of strength hyposulfurous Protoss.

“May I ask your name and you are willing to set my covenant with you?” Feifei Ya happily raised water

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Your avatars! So that he is willing to wait for me just because we like! “She shook her head, the tone gets colder, suddenly turned rocker very straight, never ran track,” Well,cheap ugg boors, then have now, we have nothing to say, Jun 1000 birds you please return it! You’re going to tell him to bring me with impunity monarch will have respect, but I will not testify against five princes, you’re dead in this heart of it! “

JoAnn gently turned slowly down the Xiulou. Taken the threshold, just heaven drizzle, Durian, Qiaoan Jing Li Garden, the rain let him down gently, smudged faint traces of water, as well as Jisi rain falling on her jade-like Jedi the United States face gently across from the face, like tear stains. She always liked rain snow, like snow showers shower, just because of rain and snow fell on his face, when the cold fall leisurely feel like tears. And this time is timely under this rain!

Joanna stood in silence, watching the rain growing, looking at the ground gradually piled up in puddles, and finally slowly turned around, facing the windows of the second floor, said: “Tsing Yi, we have not maneuver between room for it? “

at the empty windows, courtyards also fell silent, only the rustling sound of raindrops beat. After a long long time, Tsing Yi finally gently wafting hint of business: “There is nothing to say their own master, right?!”

Joanne quietly said: “I did not tell woo your thing, do not say I remember the day my purse, you have hesitated, until then, I say to old friends sister find something maybe you thought. I made the sister of an old friend, not your Tsing Yi this person, but I hope you understand that kind of feeling to ingratiate themselves, not relying on an old friend’s sister’s birthright can some how do you treat me good, I still when you are a friend,cheap uggs, a sister, until …. until that feeling, would love to be destroyed so far! “

saying this, it does not reply Tsing Yi, Joanne and turned, in the rain, such as weaving sway away, light and calm. The second floor of the window is unknown He Shili a slim figure, looked at the sky line silent when rain. But, there seems to fly into the eyes of the rain, she had gradually Mouguang Shuiguang.

monarch’s Chapter 32 Chapter mutation processes (1)

already early summer weather in the afternoon a little hot, but the body in yeast? shelves, Sweet Dreams Mi pregnant, then less of impetuous breath. occasional breeze was blowing, drifting Mi Hong, but also that the white petals blow down a lot, snow falling, there are stray people fall pregnant lengthy, incense stained sleeves. Qiaoan Xin Nian Hua hand, looked random, but could not help remembering that not long ago white flying field. few days ago, Murong Kam child died, the funeral of a grand luxury, but she did not attend, but watched his long standing height ritual burial teams getting away, looked at those plain white streamers fluttering in the wind that day as the weather today, there are eye Lang wind. looked white bursts of breeze rolled on the ground, flying in the sky, actually some winter scene.
that day she was renowned for Murong Kinji sister. Kinji not end if Shu gentle, Murong Qi child looks end the show, but it is extremely straightforward forthright temper, freshness, but such people are often difficult to conceal emotions, So Joanne and her first meeting on the less enjoyable. Murong Kinji be under generous, feel charitable, great popularity, but the situation is indeed blurred night treacherous, although those who received her grace Palace dread Long Chen Yu , not how to Joanne, but secretly have speculated that she was killed Murong Kinji murderer, she is extremely resentment, Murong Qi child obviously is one of them!
“Aunt Ann, how do you not speak?” Dragon smoked contingent tender feminine voice ringing in the ears, awakened Joanna’s thoughts, but also brought back a faint smile on her lips. diagnosis over the past few days she carefully, then smoked After all, young, thin meridians, and no repair fly internal forces, but not to control the boot of the road, too unbearable internal forces. Thus, although concerns about toxins in her body for too long have adverse consequences for her regularly Joann only Qudu gradually remove toxic She leaned her body caressed Long Kaoru natural hair, said:. “Kaoru then, what do you hear?”
Long Kaoru then smiled, excited and said: “An aunt, yeah you say is true though invisible,uggs outlet, but I think all of a sudden become so sensitive hearing, the sound of the wind and the leaves, the flowers voices heard! have to see! I smell yeast? floral flavor, almost falling petals can draw the picture in my mind! but ~ ~ ~ “Her voice suddenly low down, his face the color emerges lonely,” What use is it ? An aunt, I still can not see! If I could see, they do not think so effortlessly it! An aunt, my eyes can not be good? unseen so I really want to lead a life? “
because of blindness, then smoked dragon’s temper has become extremely unstable, and often self-pity, crying endlessly. Joanne had also been blind, and are unable to understand the kind of helpless feeling, especially smoked contingent or so small children! to persuade enlighten her, Joanna lived in the palace these days, day and night to accompany her, teach her how to replace visual auditory, etc. However, although trust JoAnn Long smoked, itself is stronger stubborn man, but in the end only a child, often will be felt frustrated frustration. Joanne comfort on all sorts of persuasion, it is not they 奏琴 to her through sounds impatient anxiety slowly heal her heart, so she was able to calm restrained more, and better able to withstand the hardships some of these days down, the idea is effective, at least, she is now just earnest inquiry, rather than starting wailed like that, give up.
Joanna looked at her like 温润清 still as bright as the black pearl eyes, humming, without a word, only lightly:? “Kaoru course, you are not afraid before the eyes can not see what can be done right after you have been able to try now ears instead of eyes to see, try to work like everyone else lives, but some will be harder than others. Would not you be afraid of hard man? “
Long Kaoru contingent unconvinced retorted:!! “Of course not smoked An aunt then want to do that kind of person, we will not be afraid of hard work but, An aunt, now no one around me I can not do anything, even The walk will trip over something mundane wrestling. Such Kaoru course, can do? “
Joanna smiled softly comfort:!. “Kaoru course, you do not be impatient ah now you only just started it, some are not suited normal as long as you are willing to use willingly, and before long it will be, like people, ! Actually, smoked then and now have done well, Aunt Ann did not see the time, with a long time to try to listen to instead of the smoked An aunt can be much easier! “
dragon after all, is a child and then smoked Mind, could not help but hear the praise joy excited, happy and asked: “? Aunt Ann, do you say is true, I really do more than hello?”
Joanne laughed: “of course, is true as long as the intentions of smoked then willing to learn, progress continues like this, Aunt Ann guarantee smoked contingent future is extraordinary person, Fabian also great aunt!!”
“But Aunt Ann, your eyes are good now, and my eyes ……” Long Kaoru then hesitated, hands clasped Joanne, full of anxiety. Joanne lifted her gently on the recliner next to the road: “Kaoru However, do you believe Aunt Ann?”
Dragon authentic smoked then without hesitation: “Of course, my favorite aunt of the Principal!” But before that, “Well, Ann aunt tell you, no matter what time, An aunt will not give up cure your Aunt Ann’s eyes to believe that one day, I will cure you:
Joanne Shen be authentic!! You can not give up their own know:? looking Dragon contingent force Kaoru nodded, she smiled, stroking her head, and said:! “Well, Kaoru course, you did not sleep for a while, right when I called you to We then went on to learn, ah? “
Long Kaoru ran “ah,” the channel: “Well Aunt Ann, you are playing it to me, I love to hear you play the piano, that was very comfortable!!”
because Kaoru natural mood swings, so JoAnn carry Qin, smoked rule of their mood, she got up and sat down at the table next to the piano, hand fondle. quiet imaginary smooth sounds suddenly pouring out, leisurely floating around. Long Kaoru then listened quietly, feeling the breeze gently blowing in the face, with a rare calm demure. moment and then the moment was actually a dragon smoked like most of the Murong Kinji!
voice whispering into the ears of floating: “An aunt, in fact, Fu Huang did not like his mother is not?” Joanne slightly surprised to turn her head and looked, and then smoked dragon still with eyes closed, then looked warm. muttered sleepily, “his mother passed away, Fu Huang did not look very sad, my eyes can not see, Fu Huang did not really care, if it is not accompanied my Aunt Ann, Fu Huang probably will not talk to me , it seems only care Fu Huang An aunt who cares ….. Actually, if I was Fu Huang, I felt I would like Ann aunt, but she was my queen mother …… “Then Then, her voice getting lower and lower, almost inaudible.
JoAnn slightly trance, fingers still dancing, just added a tone sounds seem blurred points of a sudden, a warm familiar atmosphere conspire ear, there comes that same familiar soft voice: “If you want it? so ecstatic!” do not know when the arrival of Long Chen Yu look around, then smoked dragon sleeping on chairs, dreams going on, Joanna sat only rosewood plum tunic bench, no He can sit where he had stood, look at that 张瑶琴, glanced JoAnn, whispered:? “Ann, you are not too contingent to be smoked leave the night any better, but also to listen to him play the piano, as if I have not received such preferential Oh? Ann, I’m jealous! “he said, and getting in the way, on the arms of the fiber ring Joanne shoulder, her ring firmly fixed in his arms, whispered to spit out two words, “Ann, you have to remember, I forbid you to be someone better than me to be, but you should not value what people or things than me! Otherwise, I will destroy him!” His voice was low gentle, it seems a little banter with some, not tell whether jokingly or seriously.
Joann no broke away, paused thoughtfully playing the hand, slightly Ceshou, his face suddenly close, especially as the starry night like a pair of black eyes, she looked at the positive Shining, as swirl-like as people get lost easily: “Yu, then you do not like smoked it?”
Long Chen Yu eager to breathe in the fragrance of her body, casually authentic: “not to mention like it or not, how is it?”
Joanne little confused: “She is your daughter, you do not have the same blood, should it not have a natural right close ties between parent and child, I thought no one else will have a feeling of empathy consonance with, is not it?? it? My mother likes to tease people, people often could not tell her emotions, but I can Qiaochu her heart is happy or angry, or want to make fun of people, of course, and my mother too it! every time I have naughty Qiao Gege come out looking for me, but every time the mother can see through my lies! “
Long Chen Yu drift down playing with her black hair, whispered:! “Ann, your home this is a very happy home, but not everyone has so fortunate, especially people you have to get the royal me mother Princess do? I was nine years old, she was away from me, ostensibly to pray for the country, it was also said the country was displeased mother Princess is satisfied that the draft Fu Huang Fei, pique leave, his mother was also said to favor Yu Fu Huang, Xinrusihui not love Red. Actually, I gradually came to understand what prayer, what jealousy, what is out of favor, Fu Huang was seriously ill, did not drag on long after died, which sent two people have told Fu Huang mother Princess, she turned a deaf ear, refused to come back to see our side. Ann, I carefully think back to previous memories, I thought maybe the mother did not love Fu Huang Fei, even with does not love me, so she can bear this! She is a mother, my mother was born, but also so I can be. “
Joanne gently shook his hand and whispered: “? Since you have already felt the kind of misfortune, why is it so natural to be smoked.”
Long Chen Yu pale smile, evaded, lightly:. “Ann, I have a mother Princess of hate, hate her forsaken me, but now I no longer cared, I began to feel able to understand, even kinship flesh and blood, the heart does not like it or not. mother Princess told me so, I smoked with natural, too, of course, if I talk to your kids, I promise, I will hurt him is Life! “
previously also put deep, but later became a tease of the language, JoAnn angry at him: “? you said what madness it” broke away his arms, stood up to then shipped from Long smoked some landowners , yeast flower uneasily stroked his face dancing sunset, Long Chen Yu smiled brightly and moving to recover the past, said:?.? “how safe it is madness, I really want to know, what you When Ken marry me? “
JoAnn slight discoloration, looked over, and said: “Yu, what you’re saying you forget the things you promised me in Mei Xuan yet??”
Long Chen Long Chen Yu came before her, she can not escape dodge, Chen Sheng said: “I remember, but the situation is now different, Long Chen Rui down poison me, unexpectedly harm Murong Kinji with smoked However, I certainly wrath, but to be honest, I was also somewhat grateful to him, because I understand that there Murong Kinji in, you never think twice her, but I also think twice because you are heavy and now she is gone, you still have to hide from me? “
Joanna looked over again, unwilling to face with his eyes, woodenly and said: “! I do not know what you’re talking about.”
Long Chen Yu followed and then go in front of her, calm and firm voice:! “You know you will not know how all these years, no matter how the situation changes palace, I always guarding Murong Kinji, glory, identity, honor? , in addition to feelings, I can give you gave her, do not you know why? Did you feel me Long Chen Yu was actually a humane gentleman good man, mindful of old friends, or my Long Chen Yu romantic sentimentality, from Fall in love and you turn on Murong Kinji? “
He reached provoke JoAnn’s chin, forcing her eyes on him, Yiziyizi slowly, “Ann, you listen, I’m willing to be Murong Kinji good, all because of you! you uttered not mind, to put it firmly as iron, can in fact, you more than anyone else’s thoughts are soft! you feel because you will become Murong Kinji no father and mother, the dispossessed, you tasted this flavor, so do not want someone else to try again, so you rely on to give her to find, to find care for her, you have chosen me, put her over to me, so she became my responsibility, is not it? “
Joanne looked straight into his eyes, look dull almost numb, lightly: “! No, I want you to get too good.”
fooling even see her this time, Long Chen Yu could not help upwelling of anger, fiercely staring at her, his eyes almost to spray the fire, Joann uncompromisingly met his burning eyes, still calm. Suddenly, Long Chen Yu came up, she was in my arms, holding her tightly, love and hate, teeth and whispered:? “Ann, you bring you how to do to me, you can bat an eye to any harm, there was not even hesitate! However, the case of someone you like a different person, kind have to call me almost crazy! Murong Kinji is wisteria, clings to others in order to survive, but you do not like! JoAnn you are, you are nameless Guzhu, you do not have to rely on anyone, themselves can alright! So you put me to push out, pushed to her, is not it? Ann, you do do your own set of what land? Or do you feel that the strong man is destined to more people than the weak hurt, assume more pain? “
Joanne finally conceal, his hands clenched into a fist in the sleeve, slowly close your eyes.
Long Chen Yu deep breath, suppressed emotions, softly: “Ann, six years ago, I do not want to mention, they were reluctant to go thought dead are gone, to those who can chase, I really Now you want to take advantage of the future with Ann, do not scruple what, let me protect you, take care of you, okay? marry me, okay? I promise you I will be very, very good, so that everyone envy you! “
JoAnn eyes closed, hold back the hearts of all kinds of feelings gush in this patriarchal era, so the identity of his honorable people, but also asked her a “good,” he told her really deep soul right? propose this be it! find their own feelings for him from starting, quiet as she had imagined it many, many scenes, courtship, marriage, and even she had to expect them to have a whole life, accompanied by friend! although obviously know that it is a fantasy, but it will still be tempting to smile, feeling the kind of pain almost tearing sweet happy but today, he literally said:. “? marry me, good or bad,” There are hundreds of heart voice shouting: “Well, I married you!” but also to a sound, light thin weak, but depressed all desire: “? million drug in the first, how do” So, then to the port side, it he is a feeble sigh: “Kinji just died, you do not feel that those inappropriate it?”
Long Chen

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? The child is used to play? One is enough to harm you, but also to harm others? She deserved it? Ha ha ha ha … “he said as he touched my hair, laugh actually very happy. Brother said much of anything, just a fox general laugh, laugh again, still laughing, stop laughing … note is smiling. Brother comforting touches like a pat on the father’s shoulder: “I do to help! “
I glanced father: “! I went to the game I do not care.” Having turned to go, Dad pulled me:! “Little Aunt, save me father still does not know what is wrong? first to help us help your mother to coax good, then you can punish me, okay? “Daddy looked totally not the usual style, watching his face pleading father, watching my dad embarrassed covered, I pointed to the bathroom for him and roared: “! You give me a bath went dead body is dirty, covered in sweat smell.”
Ye Lingfeng glanced at his daughter, see her very firmly, then slowly walked toward the bathroom.
brother came over, wink at me. I glanced at him: “Be careful of your eyes cramp!” Brother becomes like magic out of my favorites – big servings of fruit pudding: “?! Say that we do not say brother-thirds of the” Shang Yu shouted to: “! there for me,” Brother glanced at him: “Yes, there are fish!” I sat on the sofa snappily:! “What is your brother three A third brother and I are monozygotic twins dragon and phoenix, ? when it’s your turn, “Big Brother holding brother, third brother, a ‘good brothers’ appearance:” The dragon monozygotic twins unimpressed we are men, “I casually waved his hand:”?! Well, some less and some did not. how are you going to do it? Hearing pudding for me! “brother threw me quickly picked fruit pudding, pudding-San one hand to grab his own that go, so I Big Brother watching helplessly fruit pudding, he was distressed, I was envious. San leisurely sit next to me, slowly tearing the packaging, while the plug from a pudding swinging in front of me, the side with the charm of his best voice in my ear: “Little Devil, before being allowed to come up with a way to Eat yo “While I was helplessly as it crystal clear flesh pudding shaking while to come up with the best solution:” Let Mom into the game can be, this is her biggest wish Dad if not assured. can accompany together. really can not spare empty, pull out a fish accompanied them, but there are four of us kids in it, but also a profound review everything before you do,cheap uggs, then Mom and Dad say what you just said is on ok! “Having pulled the third brother’s hand and shoved it in front of me swinging the fruit pudding swallow.
if I really did not live up to the title daughters caring mother, I guess now, my mom is a drama that completely. As is specifically want to go into the game only consolation dad really did not expect her Zhuadaobabing it. There is also a bit of damage, the phrase “harm me enough, is it still possible to harm someone they A” really hurt my mom up. And Mom is Loved a few of us are born of her pregnancy in October,uggs outlet, Dad said we are ill, she is naturally unhappy. As long as Mom and Dad agreed to let into the game play, but also to review the general would not have anything, after all, have to play first, she took the rest are lost in the side.
brother ruffled my hair: “Who does he persuade her father, but a standard Cu Tanzi?.” I am white at him,cheap ugg boors, my hair is not hair A: “What he loved 答应不答应 persuade persuade! , do not persuade now offended his own mother, also advised him to promise? big deal he does not agree, my mom will always be angry with him, unless own mother lose interest in the game anyway and a few of us will not be affected What is affected, what are we afraid of? “
brother got up and opened the door: “Daddy, I heard of it?” Daddy look awkward standing there looking at me, I looked at him, I sigh, I sigh again, I sighed again first. I got up and pulled the father came in to help him wipe Cheguo towel is dry hair: “Dad Ah, I really do not blame you, know that you are a joke, but you know my mom, she treats us. Baby, we were born she was three months pregnant, and you said that you did not completely understand the feelings of her mother when she revealed more than once yearning for the Guards, and I have three brothers and In the game, you let her play to play, we will guard her well, if you really do not worry, you find someone to stay with her, I know you’re busy, you certainly did not empty, find someone to stay with you should worry? waited for her to play the familiar, my brothers and I along with her protection, it is not enough? “This Dad A once met my mother, and then clever head Meizhe. She Ah, that is a thorn in his heart, could not pull it pull, can not bear.
I helped him dry his hair back, grabbed him from behind, like a child as milk and milk sound gas cries shouted:? “Daddy, Daddy do not really Rao Rao and his brothers really what Daddy not to let the cat play it? Daddy, Daddy …… brother brother childhood are calling my mom ‘mom’ and I was crying and San Mommy is ‘cat’, even we do not know why So shout.
Finally, the third brother handed over the fruit pudding, Dad agreed to my request. So, I say the father and mother of a compromise; mother forgave her father, of course, necessary punishment. So, we have one more home game positions, so leaves home in the Guards in the addition of a witch named Yan Yan night …
inserted one in the game, called the night Xi brother, brother called night offerings, San Prism king called lazy, I’m lazy cat, my mom called night Yan Yan. That leaves home except my father toiled outside, all entered the Guards ……
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Chapter XXII upgrade Upgrading A A
updated 2009-11-13 1:44:08 Words: 3106

perfect taste when I digest food preparation into the game, the third brother pulled me in my room door: “Rao, you do not fit in this game, play less points.” I was staring in the mirror like I generally goes very familiar face, the first time I saw him so seriously, first time I saw fear in his eyes revealed. I smiled and hug in front of this man, patted him on the shoulder: “I will pay attention to.” And then went on his attention in that part of my game positions.
just on the line, a window opened his eyes and saw the white light. Na nothing out of danger, particularly good mood. I got up and went to the window before the open windows, today was sunny, flowers Ah, watching the comings and goings of the NPC and the player on the street, watching the street hawkers, I suddenly remembered that we did not even play for a few days leveling . Look at the rating list, I do not know in which corner of the name, so we do not do anything today, upgrades!
open the door quickly ran into the next room to harass. ! “Get out of bed,” I opened a bed, designer Chuan is very natural, I will definitely be surprised, and then quickly panic to wear clothes, Kaikai opposite actually very interested in looking at me: “yo, . Niu, Well good mood today, “I looked at him grinning, raised his index finger to his chin white, frivolous, said:.” girl, give me a smile uncle “Kaikai turned their heads to the other side, I put his head turned to me and gave him a big little face: “You do not laugh, that God give you a smile.” Kaikai has not help this time, and I laughed along with the rest look brand Chuan speechless Look at me: “! little crazy to toss big morning person!”
next door next door, I just went to bed brand star, it happened to see him open his eyes. I smiled at him: “This is the restaurant’s special services.” He looked at me surprised, I did not give him time to speak, I am filled with a look of shy at him: “Sir, you need to wait to dress it Nujia ? “He shook his head lightly:” You’re welcome, you do not play at home on the go, “I looked at his face calm, make a face at him:.”! come again “star looked brand across the small Bu, I Hey smirking, ignoring the brand across the stars and brand first entered their room and KK River, I open the front side facing the video side Coushang still only a dream, said: “I love men, men love me For me, what is considered a woman … “(forehead, with weak tell, I’m not female colleagues, I only count half, even swear) Small Bu had just woke up, I read, I asked him:” Who do you love ? who love you “catch small state is still in a daze from his answer can know:”? I love men, men love me … “Listen Chuan brand and designer star chills endless, Kaikai in keep our noses to the side laughing. Get! The next room is the brand
Jun, I quietly walked this change. Shuixiang bed looked very bad person, I am really speechless Ah, if I scrape into his words will not be hit A? Risked forward is my style, I quietly went to his bedside, index finger slowly across his cheek, looked troubled frown that he does not feel so cool Ah, I shoved opened his quilt, washed his ears roared: “Earthquake friends, on fire, flood it!” Unfortunately, no only reflect a failure! Continue talking about in his ear: “ice cream, egg tarts, pizzas, grilled chicken wings, fried shrimp …” Unfortunately, the flute is just listen to someone out of a mouth of saliva, strong! We take pictures first.
this case, a pair of evil hand appeared behind me pushed a fiercely. So the poor, unsuspecting innocent rushed forward … so I threw a warm embrace, do not think I know who’s arms. Suddenly took my hands, overhead came the voice: “Early in the morning I’m gestures unaffordable A?.” Son of a bitch, what time to wake up well, actually now awake! I am sad to see him: “how do you wake up now Ah?” Brand Chun does not mind being eaten tofu: “? How we going to wait for you to wake up to eat clean and leave again?” Rolling his eyes: “I am lazy with You care about! quick to get going! upgraded today to be honest. ” I looked at the toot
resentment still Tingzaikongzhong hand: “how can you treat me so my heart is broken Ah, I cry, you really broke my heart Ah?!!” beep means refers to the brand Star: “He taught.” rolling his eyes again, we first remember that woman revenge, no later than ten years!
designer Jun bad man smiled at his arms: “I said, you have to rely on my arms, then come back at night I’m okay to wear clothes?.” I’m just a lucky man glanced eye: “Good Ah, come at night. “Then, pulling toot out the door downstairs to find food. When
eat breakfast, designer star but also the way a lot of research. Finally found the south to the north-south direction of a location is suitable for us to upgrade, playing 30-40 strange, very suitable for those of us who. You can then slowly walked the next town – Starry Night town.
gnawing my breakfast watching you: “Only two days would be a flash Ah?” Kaikai white at me: “five days!” I stared at him:! “Well obviously you see Ah two days, the first day ! come here and participate in the competition in the evening, then dragged to the night, then today is the second day A “brand to Sichuan Tianfan his eyes:” The first day is to go wrong, wrong is behind the race is the next day with late night was the third night, then today is the fifth day, “designer Jun looked at me and smiles:”! someone on the road in the first days of the fear of heights, halo carriage, After feeding the prescription sleep late the next day accompanied by shouting contest; then swallow medicine to sleep all day and then at night afraid to toot your Shuisi called, you go to the night; came back, finished drugs, a people and Shuiliaoyitian night, wake up call also call all, today is the fifth day, “Kaikai looked at me:.” I dare someone to understand you, “I’m offline time is day and night?? Would not it? I said a little dizzy. (Author I have fainted, make do and see, I figure not too cold)
my pitiful watching them: “Eat breakfast, then eat to cold.” while fiercely gnawing buns, while bitterly looked brand star, what drugs Ah, so spiritual, so many are sleeping did not play into it! My heart down a decision, come again! I am one person! After
everything is ready, we embarked on a journey, right, is the leveling of the road.
robber, 30, man-strange, high attack group attack, three as a group. After designer Jun experiments, we come to these conclusions.
this is indeed the robber Ah, full of inexplicable Stop being a hypocrite naked picture of something like the upper body, and that alone goggles with professional features, the hands that do not know how long sword, face Hengrou vicious, not robbers really is a pity. Why are not long handsome it?
large forces through negotiation, by me and two remote attackers brand Chuan lead over the first strange, then surrounded them and then we solve them. As for what a weak attack, it seems we do not have to say here. Even small Bu can hold his abacus knock or two, let alone take several staves.
I stood in front of a little brand Chuan stand behind me, and behind him is a brand Chun Kaikai, there’s two pet toot, toot and then behind that there is a small Bu the Star brand.
Nock, bow, aiming arrows. Go, then back immediately; when the robbers were attracted to other people surrounded them, the three robbers then immediately into white light. Chuan brand, raising his hand to throw out a small fireball, the three robbers when they are over, the crowd swarmed again, the white flash from. I would like a stone in the past, the crowd surrounded them … and all of a still not seen as strange, sword cut, take the rod knock, smashing take abacus, see I have been playing since the poor robber (robber: I What I’m easy!) certainly poor pitiful return, which still have to continue to fight the robbers.
watching experience increased bass bass bass or very interesting, especially my purple silver finally not just shoot people, but the shot strange, thought of this, I feel called an excited Afghanistan.
After several hours of fighting the crowd, after all the hammering, fully demonstrates the power of the masses is great, my level also rose to 30 from the 28. Brand Toshiya 29, and toot and designer KK River there are 28, and almost small Bu, 27. When
intermission, I received a secret chat: – Yan Yan sender for the night, with a ‘night Yan Yan application with the players you pick, “Rao Rao baby, I 10 I was a thief yo ^ ^!!” Friends pay, whether to accept? ‘Meanwhile, the three men in different parts of the content were also received about the same secret chat. Four people simultaneously cramps, the same point under ‘consent and after adding each other as friends’ back a message with the same content: “! Congratulations,” I could not bear it, sigh: “witch leaves home into the game, and the world to chaos, I want to escape the …… “side of Dudu looked at me puzzled muttering mantra:” What what what what you want to escape the chaos, “I waved his hand:”??? intermittent neuropathy, all right. “toot touch my forehead:” It should be all right now, “I shoot open her hand:”? Of course, nothing! “
episode also quiet, rest also rested, continue to start! The poor continue to prepare and hateful abuse of the robber. They were a bunch of people hit the poor, but the saying goes: the poor man must have hated the place, so they pain and happiness … No, the poor and the hateful. Different
with excitement before, I have gradually started to numb. Archery side edge loud sigh: “O God, Fozu A heavenly immortals A to point to stimulate it, or too boring if you really exist, give the girl to find something to stimulate it!!” Behind the toot actually smile on: “You, you patiently point of it, this is the workout!” My white eye shade tree toot: “! rest of the people are not qualified to speak” brand around the White River could not help my one: “peace of mind to fight with you, if you give me Panlai a BOSS, you see how I

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Ring of security work. Here there is no limit, but when asked mages out, to a possible place to stay, with emergency military to be able to find the time. One thing is the primary emphasis, here, learn of any kind is not allowed between the Master, otherwise they will be punished military ……

when introduced, Huhne has led her to a small front,uggs outlet, “Master adults, as long as you are on the inside of the door kind of magic into your own magic mark, this building lived yours, without your permission, no one can enter, but when you leave, you want to clear out their magic mark. “

“Thank you.” Fung Mo remove a gold handed over, although not Huon Kennedy speech, she was stuffed in his hands.
etc. Huhne left, Fung Mo on the door planted magic mark, then enter the small building. Although the appearance of the small building was relatively straightforward, but there are very beautifully decorated,cheap uggs, good flooring is oak on the wall as well as a beautiful tapestry, a large ebony table, two chairs the same texture. Not far from the fireplace, firewood stacked on the side, but still does not ignite, is a huge candelabra on the wall, surmounted roots arm thickness smokeless candles. Now or in the afternoon, the sun slanting shone through the window, a bright room.

second floor is relatively simple, a small number of desk against the wall, there is a chair, a large wooden bed, just above the paved a brand new bedding, but FengWu still prefer to use their own.

because there is no lunch,cheap ugg boors, Fung Mo feel hungry, she took the bread and ham from space, eat slowly, and so after eating, she took out a magic book seriously up …… Mingxiang … … until one o’clock, she went to bed down.

morning, inside the house is full of early spring Qing Han, Fung Mo had just finished washing, the officer who called Huon she took servant brought breakfast, “Master adults, after breakfast, go to the back of the reception, the military Oakland Road, where the Ministry is responsible for the general to the specific whereabouts of your assignment. “

he noticed FengWu no point fireplace, uneasy and asked: “? Master adults, fireplace …… is not a problem.”

“Oh, nothing, I just think it is not very cold.” Fung Mo said.

“Oh, so much the better.” Huhne This assured that if the Master live here complaining living conditions, bad luck is his first.

military offers breakfast not bad, but did not like the phoenix, she simply ate a few bites, then put down the chopsticks, “Let’s go.”

“Oh, good.”

Huhne let servants waiting outside to pick up food to go. Then a little embarrassed and asked: “Master of adults, is not the food is not to your taste, you want to eat something, we can prepare alone.”
. “is not your problem, I have no appetite”
Fung Mo shook her head, she thought for a moment, suddenly smiled and said: “I want to eat something you do not come, I am afraid, I am going to give you a number of meat, vegetables, flour There are a number of spices …… “

Huhne memory is very good, Fung Mo just say it again, he can repeat the down times, “This is what to do with the food?”

“dumplings.” Fung Mo smiled and replied. However, she’m sure he must have not heard the name before.

probably are just up early in the morning, Master yard walk in twos and threes, they are less magician four to one, two majority, however, in which the female mage is still very small, there are many young men and Master curiously Fung Mo, guessing her origins.

the end of the path, there is a hanging ‘reception’ brand of small building, Huhne would have stopped her to the front of the building, said: “Master Your honor, I can not go into here, and you just go on the matter thou shalt something I will make people ready as quickly as possible. “

“Thank you.”

Fung Mo nodded, raising his hand to knock on the door three times, that Huhne also immediately turn left.
moment, the house came the sound of footsteps, then the door is opened, a young female officer out the door, she looked FengWu one, “You are the phoenix mage it?”

“Yes, I am a phoenix Diest battle mage college.” Fung Mo nodded, her Master, is transcendent, and therefore does not require anyone to grovel.

female officer saluted, “Please come with me, General Lun Road inside waiting!” Having a sideways, indicating FengWu go in, and then the door was closed, in front leading the way.

“This really is the temptation of uniforms …… Pathwalker!” Fung Mo go some envy at the front waist swaying female officer, magic robe at this point is incomparable, meaning yin is an excellent barrier satyr costumes .
led FengWu came to a larger room, female officers will be back out, the owner of the room was there fired off letters, I do not know what to write, I heard the sound of Fung Mo came in, he stopped pen to Fung Mo smiled, reached for the potential, “Sit, Fung Mo Master.”

Fung Mo nodded, she looked between the need to maintain the respect of subordinates did not necessary to treat the audience with the case of general etiquette.

troops who are mostly relatively straightforward road after Lun Fung Mo sit down, straight to the point: “The college student Diest always fighting the backbone of the empire, but also the army of rock, due to the special nature of the battle mage, you out before the official mission, for a period of one week to physical Gifted, which is to make you better complete the task of fighting the Master, but also to perform military dispatch based on what tasks you hope not to have resentment. “

Then he paused, “During the Gifted, you need to temporarily take off the robe magic, however, if someone dares to offend your dignity, you can still use magic to give them a lesson, those guys sometimes also spanking . “

“can.” Fung Mo smiled, expressed understanding.

“Oh, well, in the end is a college student Diest fighting since you agree, then I say about your treatment problems. According to regulations, you are two magicians, the monthly subsidy of two thousand gold coins , a one-time payment of six months, accounting is twelve thousand gold coins. Additionally, every month is a first-order magic one hundred and fifty second-order magic nucleus nucleus, one-time payment of one hundred zero-order magic scrolls or twenty months a magic circle axis, as well as the magic material …… “Lu Lun Fung Mo will be handed a list of items.

“Of course, the fundamental change in the mission’s performance there will be extra awards, the highest you can get a knighthood or even territory reward.” Lu Lun Fung Mo smiled at the expression, “Fung Mo Master, you have nothing personal request? “

“No, His Excellency General.” Fung Mo looked a list of items, but there are still above a robe and a magic wand.

“Well, After collar stuff, you can take a few days, then the military will be unified action.” road Lun satisfied nod to the outside shouted, “You Lanni, Master Fung Mo went over collar office supplies receive supplies. “

“Yes, General.” that come with FengWu female officer crashed into the room, a slight bend to the phoenix, “Please come with me, Master adults.”

officers that were quickly put FengWu lead the way to the front of another small building …… FengWu found that she could not remember when some of which way it should go, and where the house is almost exactly the same, to distinguish words really should be done on.

“Please wait.” pat female officer approached the door a bit, and then wait quietly aside.

Volume FengWu section one hundred and eighty third encounter

one hundred and eighty third 节 encounter

an extremely taboo magic came from fluctuations in the door. FengWu recognize immediately that this is a detect magic, to identify the person from, and she had some funny, this whole street is military institutions, and even rats are afraid of crime here, the yard is also home to Many of the Master, where need it so be careful.

door opened, a young Mofaxuetu probe out, “Miss You Lanni, come on.”

FengWu and You Lanni entered the room, the door is automatically closed, the Mofaxuetu led them into a room, which has a three-pole magician sitting there.

“teacher, Miss You Lanni come.” Mofaxuetu softly report it.

name Master nodded, a leaning, one-dimensional bags removed from under the table and threw it on the table, “control on your check list of items that, if there is anything missing quickly raised, after not fill.”
It seems that the work is done
skilled, but this attitude …… FengWu was secretly impressed. But she will take up bag of holding, releasing spiritual force sensing material inside a bit …… all right.

“No problem.” FengWu to You Lanni nodded, turned out …… three poles that were too rude mage, she did not want to bother the man.

尤兰妮 froze for a moment, unto the name of the three-pole magician nodded, immediately chased out, but on that 30-pole magician’s eyes never FengWu fingers crossed, eyes showing a touch of earnest look.
to 尤兰妮 asking the way back, Fung Mo finally found his house, his face somewhat shyly, but fortunately no one noticed anything around, not very embarrassing.

back room, Fung Mo remove a set of robes and Flanagan magic wand. Army battle mage robe is black magic, the top seal with a clean technique, a ‘protective arrows’, but the seal on the wand is a zero-order magic Feng disease surgery, can be used continuously after three times, replace the magic nucleus.

really stingy!

FengWu curled his lip, these two things and put it back, start 暝想 up, she also did not want to go out today.

will to noon, Huon officers who called out the door, handed her a pink invitations, “Master adults, 博里斯韦克 you please eat.”

“博里斯韦克?, I do not know him.” Fung Mo did not think that is what the people.

“But he just outside.” Huhne warned.

“Can I speak not clear enough?” Fung Mo eyebrows slightly provoked.

“uh, yes, Master adults.” Huhne smile soon. Leave in a hurry.

in their lives Fumen Wai Fung Mo, 博里斯韦克 dressed in an elegant aristocratic dress, holding a bouquet of flowers are self-paced impatiently in front of the carriage with cloth, from time to time to the door and looked inside.

time, Huhne took some hot invitation goes out hastily, the invitations gave 博里斯韦克.

“how, Fung Mo Master not?” 博里斯韦克 frowned.

“in, but she declined your invitation.” Huhne feel a little hot, thirsty.

“You did not tell her my name?” 博里斯韦克 face darkened it.

“…… I say.” Huhne female mage who wanted to break down for two, but unfortunately he does not know how to break down the strength.

“! Well, waste” 博里斯韦克 daggers Huhne glance, turned on the carriage, shouted: “! back to the House.”

Huhne sweat rag head, but fortunately it was a magician, the master did not dare openly to take action, or else the trouble. But …… he does not take out there, and that it secretly? Is not that woman should be reminded of the Master cry?

FengWu did not think he had offended a large forces behind dandyism, commissioned Huhne buy things not get over, she was ready to go out to get something to eat.

guard of soldiers leaving their place …… where she really did not know where to go, this is in fact just take one off the field. Out of the corner, the front is relatively busy streets and bustling crowd. Various styles of luxury wagon slowly driving on the streets, pounding the ground horseshoe crisp, occasionally with a burst of fragrant wind – do not think there is a harem, aristocratic circles, men also popular perfume, sprinkle powder.

FengWu was secretly feeling, in the end is all of a country, even here in Strasbourg are not as busy, in her big eyes looked around, when a trembling voice sounded beside her, “Miss Master Please buy the branch spend it! “

FengWu son turned around and looked down and saw a five-year-old blond boy standing behind their own. Big head, big eyes, thin body. Thin clothes made him shivering in the cold while holding a tall pole and disproportionately large basket on his arm. The little boy holding a flower, like a puppy in a pitiful begging eyes looked like Fung Mo.

a vigilante SWAT officers saw this scene, quickly came loudly feeding Road, “kid, do not pester Master adults.”

“He was just a kid, you took the liberty to do?” Fung Mo dissatisfaction glared at him.

card empire in France, there is a very special institution like the police department, called the Secret Service. The main duties of this department is to maintain law and order in the city, but also has some intelligence gathering, investigation of illegal activities, duties …… what ah, but some like the spy agency.

“how much money one?” Fung Mo knelt down and asked the child, her range of motion is probably a bit too big, scared kids took a step back.

“a …… no, a coin ten.” the little boy replied Qiqiyiyi.

FengWu took out a gold coin. Placed on the boy gradually become moist palms, then took a flower that sticks.

“But, Master sir, I do not have change for you.” the little boy looked a little embarrassed Fung Mo: “? Otherwise, I go to the bakery opposite change for the money,” he hopes eyes always let FengWu reminiscent of some small animals.

“No, the rest is for your tip.” Then, it does not answer the little boy, and he took a big step away from the flower that sticks.

she had left out a few steps, I heard behind me a loud voice, Fung Mo looked back and saw the little boy just flower children are being pushed several major points with. Those big kids are still loudly shouting, “You little corrupt, reach the money to pay out.”

“No, the money can not give you.” the little boy tightly clutching his side pocket, while crying. But did not see the side of the road like portraits, still all of the dry matter, even the Secret Service is also responsible for security no longer cared.

Fung Mo’s face suddenly darkened, just a few lessons from the past big kid, but the Secret Service personnel in front of her: “Master Your honor, this is something you do not control.”

“you are a security officer, turning a blind eye to see this scene?” Fung Mo Jiang Yi anger asked.

“This kid is corrupt calories’s children, his father His Majesty has just been executed, the home has also been copied.”

“Even his father was a corrupt official. such a small child, what sin?” Fung Mo stare that SWAT officers walked over, Heleyisheng, “Stop!”


FengWu those who see the big kids a magic robe, immediately fled, but the flower of the little boy fell to the ground, his face dirty, like a little beggar.

FengWu played lying on the floor holding the little boy, “Hey, little guy, are you okay?” she asked with squat.

little boy opened my eyes and looked FengWu a while. Fung Mo threw herself into the arms of a sudden loud cry. For months, in addition to his sister, no one cared about himself. He is now just want this kind big sister arms happy to vent out their grievances.

FengWu first burst of surprise, and then she picked up some distressed little boy, gently slapping his back, and said in a low voice, “is gone, all gone.”

She turned her head to the side to see the still stunned that Secret Service personnel, and asked: “? did not have any hotels in this neighborhood.”

While the Secret Service personnel did not understand why the female mage multi-tube awful big deal, but still dutifully put them in a hotel not far received, this is a small man

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Repression, even esoteric reach wishful level, still can not break, so the Northern Territory does not have a king.

Upanishads into entry-level, chaos level, nuanced level, breaking the military level, the Mahayana level, wishful level.
The first three are usually lords
strong level, it is generally after three great lords to reach the level, but there are some exceptions.

mainstream practice law in this world is to break the rules, only a thorough grasp of the rules can only bridging, if the rules do not fully comprehend the profound meaning, no matter how powerful the energy of the flesh can not do Jin into the next stage, you want to become great lords, then esoteric comprehend at least to break nuanced,cheap ugg boors, Jin into breaking the military level. The Upanishads Jin breaking into military-grade strong, but not necessarily a great lord,uggs outlet, the day standings strong esoteric basically in breaking the military level, but the body can not break through the energy barrier, as no big lords.

comprehend esoteric as proud of the wind after God Emperor Jin also blocked the entry barrier lords like that does not comprehend, still unable to Bridging.

So esoteric is a prerequisite, but not with these conditions can be successful.

“master of the esoteric comprehend grade level should be in the Mahayana, and that the other three great lords are breaking the military level, the Mexican emperor, big beasts lords should be in wishful level, as that cut the wind, no one knows his strength, So I do not say, “Here Qinshuang slight sigh:.” Lord of the peak, there are very different, and now the proud lord of the wind though you can win the pinnacle, the Upanishads as di-, tetra master of breaking the military level, a move can still kill you. “

Qinshuang then just stop here, I suddenly felt proud of the four winds never far from a red light shot over the forest, could not help but opt ​​surprised, looked up.

the forest, a golden shadow racing at breakneck speed to fly from, it is a middle-aged bald Han, like a pair of eyes like the eyes tightly fixed on the wind, who’s proud of your family situation.

proud of the wind to a stare aghast: “Really kill over it!”

III kill, escape

fire sunny Beamon body is lord of Warcraft level, physical tough, plus esoteric insight reaches the level of chaos, speed is amazing!

situation, although the government lords jewels,cheap uggs, but the main role is defense, poly spirit and stealth, speed is only ordinary lords level, there is no speed armor after she did not fast, comparable to where the fire eye Beamon?

light flashing, kung fu several breathing fire sunny Beamon has been caught up!

“perverted lord, do you think we are fools great lords it? want to run away with the sites, nor ask my answers do not agree! Today is your death!” loud shout, fire sunny Beamon, who went to the pride of the wind Storm line in front of the house, followed, is severely punched, hit the situation your family!

“Rumble!” body in the house situation, I just felt a burst of four large earthquakes, like the entire mansion was like an earthquake, so they are almost staggering.

“awful brute force ah!”
mansion, the four winds while proud surprised, you know the situation, but the government lords treasure, generally strong level of lords mansion Where can stir a dime? This is not a situation the government enchantment shock rupture, but the enchantment and shaking his fist force of the collision caused.

equally tough against rampant fire flesh Warcraft sunny Beamon, compared Ya Sesi terrorist fist force too much, although the situation can not afford to break the government’s defense, but he turned out to be a fist with the direction the government will be able to move forward to change the situation , a boxing official residence setback get back!

positive welcome a strike, and his proud wind unwilling to directly reload, fly to quickly manipulate the mansion dense thickets in the past, of course, she thought with a hidden forest vegetation government live situation, the fire sunny Beamon absolutely penetrating eyes, no matter how hidden hide nothing, just want a little forest of trees could hinder his actions.

however proud of the wind was not able to achieve the intended flight speed of impact and the government’s situation is not as esoteric level of fire chaos sunny Beamon, just channeling the past, fire sunny Beamon is a huge fist blow fly strike from the top down !

“where to go!”

With this road roar, the entire mansion again, “Boom!” burst of strong vibration!

fire sunny Beamon proud about Qiaochu wind’s mind, full of trees near overhead blow this place trying to shift a full bombers fly! That power is like a bomb like boxing, directly blasted a huge crater within a radius of ten feet, while the situation the government, it was his Zheyi to the bombers to the bottom center of the circular pit, into the ground!

“not out of it? Then I’ll hit you out!” red eyes looked round pit, fire domain Beamon grinned, clenched fists fly again washed down.

“bang! bang! bang! ……” continuous bombardment came from above, the situation in West palace waves shake shake, constantly sinking the mansion, four Touyunnaozhang proud of wind, mansion enchantment not broken, they The eardrum is about to be ripped down.

“damn Beamon, too brutal, right!” proud Wind repeated setbacks, can not help but angrily cursing up

since the government has the situation since, she has always relied on the situation it can almost always invisible government, did not expect to actually one day be a smelly monkey eyes to see through, shaken Western swing back playing, it feels too makes Wohuo the!

proud of wind here well done, but do not know at this time the fire is also very depressed Beamon Mostly, I did not expect so proud of wind mansion actually strong, like a thousand veterans like turtle shells, a dozen punches after little enchantment broken traces are not, in his esoteric level of chaos on the attack actually no way, most likely lords jewels.

“had wanted to take credit, but also did not realize the trouble to personally adults, baby brats who have too much of it.” Take Lord Bao’s defense is no way to stop the fire had eyes Beamon down from space ring Remove the communications array, the forest great lords sent ridiculed interest.

see this scene in the Storm House, eager face Qinshuang authentic: “proud of the wind, not so down, we were stopped here, He also great lords for help, while also finding that the three great lords come in trouble ! fire sunny Beamon is not broken lords mansion jewels defense level attacks can be great lords, you can not stop this house, ah! “Listen to the tide * Court first word version text%

lords jewels, even though tough, is not really no firm does not break.

Qin Shuo also lords mansion jewels, so Qinshuang know about Lord Bao’s efforts bear.

general lords, the situation is absolutely not open detonation government, nor even the lord peak, but esoteric breaking the military-grade super strong, continuous dozen under attack beat down, Lord Bao’s defense will be shaken, but also great lords There transformed into silver-gray power of the soul, but the non-lords jewels can block, she says.

proud wind certainly understand this truth, act decisively to eyebrow and said:! ‘me out while I comprehend esoteric as his, but I’m still fighting wing acceleration and speed boots, escape should be no problem, here, a hundred miles away from the city has some distance, do not pass ridiculed and great lords array can not communicate with him as long as do not be afraid to go long. “

messaging platform messaging Lingzhu not fire sunny Beamon impossible carrying so much a messaging platform kill proud of the wind, but not stopped messaging platform also can not send ridiculed interest, and once stopped, the wind speed is very proud to He quickly ran out of the scope of investigation can.

time constraints, do not hesitate proud of the wind, quickly called out small nine Imperial Armor armor, flash stature disappeared in the air.

adult silver horn hydra imperial coercion strong armor of strength and 曼沙诺 after almost the same, but there are kings Eudemons skills, strength just entering the small nine lords better than Man Shanuo, but armor it is still better to use a small nine.

“proud of the wind, we must be careful ah!” Barry Qing Xiao trio know they can not help out too much help, only told one, stared at the mansion inside.

fire Beamon is sunny and great lords pass the message, I suddenly felt the immediate shadow flash, a body with a gorgeous black battle armor, fine young man with a white face mask suddenly appeared in front of him, from her, an extremely powerful Warcraft coercion to force over so the fire sunny meal Beamon body tremble action.

kings level of coercion, suddenly fell, the effect of surprise.

take advantage of this opportunity, proud of the wind quickly flew to the far Shanlue out!

fire sunny Beamon in the end is the practice of tens of thousands of years of strong, fast response, just Lengzheng, they quickly recovered, seeing the proud wind feicuan escape the situation on the ground by her government also gave away , could not help but burst of rage, the first step fiercely Yi Deng ground, shouted: “? brats, you think to you that the entry-level speed esoteric they may be able to escape from under my eyelids do.”

“Boom!!” to a ring, vibrate the air while depressed, leaving a deep footprint on the ground, like a cannonball bald Han, “Sou” shot over!

proud of wind just fly out of meters, I heard the sound of roaring sound behind him, hearts earthquake: “Good fast!”

in the situation where the government does not think, personally felt a huge sense of oppression increasingly approaching, only to find themselves proud wind speed is far better than the fire Mostly Beamon!
This is the esoteric level of chaos
speed it? That nuanced level, breaking the military stronger level into what …… “
crisis, proud of the wind but did not panic, dark eye bottom burst Bi extremely bright light, single Shouyi Zhao, thrown spear, pushed the power of the soul cast the soul of Dan, also gave sharp high drinking Behind frantically toward hit a record Overlord gun tactic moves 11 “Tigers turned around!.”

square foot to the left arc buckle step down on the inside of the left ankle, feet axis, body whirled, Yinqiang argument with absolute strength and duo Lee, like snakes behind a camel to fire sunny than Mongolian biting past!

This marksmanship similar to the “backstroke” This tactic is quite frightening power, wind blow proud abnormal accurate track of time, just punch the fire eye Beamon shot, no time when the potential of the closing, one person, one animal so severely hit together!

mountains among a flurry of tremors sound amazing! Then the roar is heard Tonghu earth thunderous, birds startled!

a silhouette whipped in a split quickly back out, then fled out Pinmingdexiang the north, behind the figure the wake of that road chase past the mouth of anger Polar growled:! “bastard I will kill You! “

is certainly proud of the man in front of the wind, and fire is a natural behind the sunny Beamon.

sunny Beamon fire at this time is quite embarrassed, he never imagined, proud of his wind is not actually targeting vital, but fiercely against his thigh a bar down!

fire Beamon’s eyes open on the right thigh huge holes, bloody, looks very scary, although not fatal injuries on the body, but short-lived fad is not easy repaired, greatly affected his speed that he was proud to be faster than a big slice of the wind, and now they can barely keep up with her, no way to catching up.

course, the wind is proud moments, she was almost hard to endure this fire Mostly Beamon punch, this hurt him, to win the opportunity and time to escape. Punch hard to endure down, proud of the wind burst blood churn stars, fortunately reshape her body after lightning had far more than ordinary tough anti amazing ability to fight, if not so, you can just let her steal sheep Zheyi the walk.

this fight, proud of the wind has to understand that he is definitely not the fire Mostly Beamon opponents, this is the real lord strong peak ah! To list those who lack Hooray, simply do not comprehend the true meaning of esoteric wonder HICHANCE look great lords, who are they not see that he did not even rock a qualified make great lords face!

“escape! hurried escape!” proud of the wind did not dare to look back, seeking only to fly forward Shanlue general, the same trick can not be used on real strong second, the next sunny temper absolutely Beamon will not be caught, and again this sunny Beamon catch fire, it is really finished!

situation becomes first chapter of the first beat to death a little strong
East has exposed gray dawn, the forest of the night is already in the past. ancient forests
flat day in the mountains, a former two figure is still a rapid rush off after the two lords of the atmosphere is very strong, generally met the lord of Warcraft, will be far more open to dodge.
“That damn guy, even still chasing! Xianlei Well he does not?” in front of it to black shadow looked around, and some muttered angrily.
have a whole evening!
from out of town last night, this morning, the two actually drive out thousands of the road on their way, one ran a chase, who did not dare to stop, so a stalemate here.
proud of wind speed did not fire eye Beamon fast, but people are generally accounted for escape opportunities, you can change direction, circle, etc. so that people have some hesitation behind, sometimes sudden turns, fire eye naturally brake Beamon talk on wasting a lot of time, but the fire eye Beamon also wounded in the leg, of course, could not catch her.
one last night, however, the fire Beamon’s eyes almost good leg, so he is completely healed, once again displaying speed esoteric, he will definitely catch up!
“brats, etc. I would like to see how you can run! I want to beat you into the meatloaf!” fire eyes Beamon hold fire roar came from behind, watching a half leg has healed holes, his heart is very anxious, whatever the outcome of the tens of thousands of years to live strong, chasing a kid chasing esoteric entry level for so long, it is too shame!
“waiting for you to catch up with the words I say.” proud wind Leng Heng, also in front of the distant drink.
Having said that, the wind is still some wits proud feeling.
Royal Armor armor boots plus accelerated after fighting wing, has always been smooth sailing, but still can not esoteric chaos strong level opponent, which is proud of how the wind did not think of. In fact, learned esoteric classification after the careful thought, is not the case understanding, these two local battle armor is not difficult leveled esoteric gap between entry and esoteric chaos can most importantly, proud of the strength of the wind itself! She was just an ordinary swords lords, and the fire is genuine eye Beamon lord strong peak!
which huge difference between the two levels, how can easily get even?
“since it seems not too dependent mansion, mansion stealth capability is convenient, can be detected once, some way to stop living, is the right way to enhance the strength ah! this time I wish I had the strength to get rid of this first direct smelting Beamon When a tonic to Ya Sesi Well, how can so stuck! “proud heart wind angrily thinking, there are some secretly introspection.
have to say, after she came to the Northern Territory too have nothing to fear, yet under the power shortage, which relies once things to be identified, it will bring very serious consequences!
Barry Gate war she steal the show, can be said to be a war declaration moving world, which are likely to cause psychological cause for complacency, this time encountered such a kill, to just let the wind proud adjusted over.
twenty-two third place standings really beautiful, but the face of a large forest lord of lords given them free a subversive character, she was helpless, so beaten a hasty retreat, not necessarily be able to escape out, It felt so proud of their lack of wind again on the strength, thus have greater momentum. Northern Territory’s big
, can not be estimated, much stronger, like stars in the sky, at a certain age who perhaps she was looking up, surprising, however, itself a true master level, but still nothing!
just thought of this, to feel proud of the wind behind the eyes like fire Beamon speed faster, and one person slips distance between a beast quickly pulled into the fire Beamon Quanfeng eye swoop over again! His leg is already completely healed!
“Damn!” proud wind gritted his teeth, but also had to turn around and fired a desperation shot, but fire Beamon eye but will not be fooled this time, I saw him across an arc, cleverly flash opened a proud air attack, then launched into a punch, attack again! At this point the wind shot
proud uncollected, no time back on defense, only stared at it almost dented can of air fist fight fiercely fell himself!
she felt stomach sank, “Bang!” to a